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GRC 1400 SPLINE 42

Introducing the Gravel racing king - GRC 1400 SPLINE 42. The most sophisticated gravel wheelset out there on the market. With a holistic approach of engineering we re-thought the characteristics of a modern benchmark setting gravel wheelset. Aerodynamic efficiency, ideal support of wide gravel tires leading to unprecedented comfort and traction off-road as well as remarkable durability are only some of the key features that make this wheelset the perfect companion for your next gravel adventure.

650b & 700c

Rim Specification

  • Carbon rim - material reinforcement at the area of the spoke holes and hookless rim flange for increased impact resistance
  • 24 mm internal width, tubeless-ready
  • Aero-optimized rim shape - AERODYNAMICS BY SWISS SIDE 
  • 130 kg max. system weight

Spoke Specification

  • Highest stiffness through 24x2 cross-lacing pattern
  • DT aero comp spokes
  • Maximum durability through straightpull spoke head

Hub Specification

  • 240s based Spline hub
  • 36T SL Ratchet System
  • Easy maintenance & tool-free convertibility (SRAM XDR available)

GR 1600 SPLINE 25

Are you already planning your next bikepacking trip? The GR 1600 SPLINE 25 are made for gravel adventures and all those unique experiences one can find far away from the tarmac and the rest of the road cycling community. A super durable aluminum wheelset made of reliable components that supports you for endless miles of trouble-free riding pleasure. Ready to explore the world? The GR 1600 SPLINE 25 definitely are!

650b & 700c

Rim specification

  • 24 mm wide tubeless-ready
  • durable welded alloy rim 
  • reinforced rim base and flange
  • 130 kg. max. system weight

Spokes Specification

  •  24x2 cross-lacing pattern
  • DT new aero & DT aero comp spokes
  • straightpull spoke head


  • 350 based SPLINE hub
  • 18T Ratchet System
  • convertible freehub body (SRAM XDR available)

G 1800 SPLINE 25

The entry into the world of gravel riding, the G 1800 SPLINE 25. If you want to give cycling a try and plan to do your first rides off-road, the G 1800 SPLINE 25 should be your ideal choice of wheels. Combining all the key advantages of our gravel segment wheels at a very attractive price point these wheels may be your entry into the world of gravel riding. Leave your beaten roads and turn to the unexplored paths, the G 1800 SPLINE 25 will join you! 

650b & 700c

Rim Specification

  • 24 mm wide tubeless-ready
  • durable sleeved alloy rim
  • scratchproof waterslide decals
  • 130 kg. max. system weight


  • 24x2 cross-lacing pattern
  • DT new aero & DT aero comp spokes
  • straightpull spoke head

Hub Specification

  • 370-based SPLINE hub
  • Pawl System
  • convertible freehub body (SRAM XDR available)


With the introduction of gravel-specific wheelsets, we are closing the gap in the gravel wheel market and offering products developed specifically for gravel riding. The key points are the implementation of 650b wheels into the new wheel line-up and the further increased rim inner width of 24 mm that leads to even better rolling resistance and improved tire support for bulky gravel tires. The gravel segment itself is quite diverse with different types of gravel riding. In particular, the tire choice significantly influences riding characteristics. We have therefore defined five key performance indicators for the GRAVEL segment.


Reducing aerodynamic drag was a key target of the development process for the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 wheelset. Aerodynamics have a significant influence on riding speed – both on tarmac and off-road. While speed may not be your primary goal on bike-packing trips, it definitely is for all racing-oriented gravel riders. Regarding the influence of a gravel tire on performance, an aerodynamically optimized wheelset needs an aerodynamically performing tire to deliver its full potential – meaning as little profile and as narrow as possible, which requires a compromise in terms of comfort, traction and durability.

tested at 45 km/h


  • Tire choice on the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 with a 42 mm wide knobby tire (1) wheelset can make a difference of up to 15 watts compared to GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 with a 35 mm wide slick tire (2).
  • Under the aspect of aerodynamic performance - without losing significant comfort, traction and durability - the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 wheelset works best with 35 mm wide slick or low-profile tires (2).  
  • Choosing super-narrow 30 mm low-profile tires (3) allows aerodynamic performance to be further improved. However, this can be considered only for super-smooth and fast gravel surfaces.
tested at 45km/h


  • The difference between the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 (2) and the GR 1600 SPLINE 25 (1) may seem small but it still offers a relevant aerodynamic advantage by over 5 watts for all racing-oriented gravel riders.
  • There is no possibility of creating a relevant sailing effect using wide ( >35 mm) gravel tires.


Swiss Side is the No.1 brand in cycling aerodynamics. With over 50 years of Formula 1 experience, the Swiss Side team is revolutionizing cycling aerodynamics by bringing previously unseen development techniques to the cycling industry in order to maximize the performance of cycling products. Swiss Side brings the latest technologies and top-level engineering know how for pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics, materials, construction and design, to bring cycling products into a new era.

Rolling Resistance

Our engineers have performed a series of extensive and meticulous internal tests to gain a deeper understanding of the influence of rim and tire specification on rolling resistance. This ongoing process has resulted in the development of an in-house testing rig to measure different tire and wheel combinations. With regard to the development of our new gravel wheels, there is one key finding regarding rolling resistance:

* based on set-up 35 mm wide slick tire at 30 km/h on a fine-grained gravel subsoil with a system weight of 75 kg


The graphic shows the advantage of the 24 mm wide GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 rim over the 22 mm wide CRC 1400 SPLINE 24 rim at different tire pressures using a 35 mm wide gravel tire with a slick profile.


Traction has a significant influence on performance in gravel riding. Tire profile and tire pressure are mainly responsible for traction, nevertheless the rim also has a significant influence. Through an increased inner rim width, side wall stability is improved as the tire receives better support from the rim. Side wall stability and a wider contact area in the direction of the cornering force provide improved traction.

(1) Improved side wall stability

(2) Wider contact area

Based on > 35 mm wide gravel tires, the 24 mm wide gravel rim offers better tire support compared to conventional narrow rims. It allows more aggressive cornering due to the tire’s improved side wall stability. Combined with a 24 mm wide gravel rim, the tire has a wider contact area in the direction of the cornering force.


What could be more annoying than suffering broken components in the middle of a bike-packing trip? DT Swiss GRAVEL wheels are built to last under the harshest conditions, day in day out. With 130 kg maximum system weight, they are the perfect fit for overloaded adventure bikes. The proven Ratchet System technology secures endless trouble-free miles in the saddle and the extra-durable DT aero comp spokes minimize the risk of standing still with a broken spoke. Gravel rims are running through a torture program of MTB and ROAD based drumtest setups in our in-house testing facility that meets the increased demand on durability and impact resistance.


Clearly being the most subjective parameter and quite hard to measure, comfort has a big influence on riding performance in the gravel segment. It may offer the decisive advantage in the last hour of long-distance gravel racing as well as a constant benefit on the daily stages of a bike-packing adventure. The possibility of running wider tires with a larger volume and less tire pressure offers a huge comfort benefit. This is maximized by choosing the 650b versions of our gravel wheels and running super-wide tires at lower pressure.


The larger a tire’s volume, the less tire pressure is needed. Consequently, less tire pressure demands less force to compress the tire for bump absorbtion which results in increased comfort.


Depending on your individual preference, our gravel wheel line-up delivers the perfect solution for every kind of rider. What is your perfect gravel set-up?

What type
of rider
are you? 


Adventure-seeking bike-packing riders may prefer the reliable GR 1600 SPLINE® 25 or G 1800 SPLINE® 25 in 650b offering maximum comfort and durability.

GR 1600 SPLINE 25 / G 1800 SPLINE 25
Recommended tire width: <53mm / < 2.1"


Racing enthusiasts will prefer to opt for the aerodynamically optimized GRC 1400 SPLINE® 42 wheel set in 700c with fast – compared to other gravel tires – and narrow 35-40 mm tires.

GRC 1400 SPLINE 42
Recommended tire width: 35-40 mm / 1.35"-1.6"


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  • Weight per set from 1366 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 757
  • Weight per set from 1659 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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G 1800 SPLINE®

  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 542
  • Weight per set from 1820 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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