DT Swiss ID

With the DT Swiss ID you can identify your product quickly and clearly.

The DT Swiss ID is a unique alphanumeric designation of a product assigned by us as the manufacturer. It is attached to the product with a tamper-proof sticker, in the form of a 2D code and a 7-digit identification number.

All wheels, suspension forks, shocks and seat posts have been equipped with a DT Swiss ID since January 2020. This ID allows to determine which product type it is and shows the exact specification. The unique identification is essential for all support issues, such as the search for spare parts, conversion kits, user manuals or How-to videos.

In addition, thanks to the ID, the product can be traced and all DT Swiss internal information about the product can be determined. This also serves as protection against counterfeiting and to determine the authenticity of an original DT Swiss product.

Where can I find the DT Swiss ID on my product?

The DT Swiss ID sticker can be found in three positions on the rim. On the suspension products the DT Swiss ID is directly lasered onto the product. Please find the exact positions below:



The DT Swiss ID sticker is applied in three different positions on the rim. Check these positions:

NOTE: If you cannot find the sticker in these positions, your product is not equipped with the DT Swiss ID.



The DT Swiss ID code is on all forks, shocks and droppers of the 232 line-up in the following positions. Please check the pictures:

Note: If you cannot find the code in these positions, your product is not equipped with the DT Swiss ID.