tubeless technology

All DT Swiss wheelsets are tubeless compatible and the ASM versions come tubeless ready, equipped with tubeless tape and valves. 

Tubeless tires have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tire: without risking snakebites, the tire can be run with lower pressures providing better grip. The lower pressure also results in a more comfortable ride. Eliminating the tube means there is no friction between tube and tire and therefore less rolling resistance when the tire rolls over the ground and obstacles. If tubeless sealant is used, the tire can self-seal stings and small cuts. A big advantage for all those who like to ride for long and far away from the next bikeshop.

Rim profile design

The advantage

Tubeless ready DT Swiss rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tire to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that‘s needed. Also the elaborate profile of DT Swiss rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tire even when ridden hard.

The perfect fit

In order to guarantee a perfect fit and to make the installation of the tire as easy as possible, the profiles of DT Swiss rims are designed with the tubeless use in mind. However it is always possible to run a conventional tire /tube combination.

The perfect system

DT Swiss valve 

The lightweight alloy valve saves 40% weight compared with brass valves. The integrated valve tool in top cap saves the time and hassle searching for the tool when it comes to tubeless installation. The conical valve base ensures tight fitting. The DT Swiss tubeless valve perfectly matches DT Swiss rims, to ensure a perfect seal for long, hassle free rides. To find the right length for your DT Swiss wheel, please use our product support tool.

DT Swiss tubeless tape

The highly resistant adhesive DT Swiss tape works as a rim tape and air-seal. It is available in different sizes to match perfectly to the different inner widths of the rims. To find the right size, please use our product support tool.

The DT Swiss tubeless ready kit

The DT Swiss tubeless ready kit seals the tubeless ready rim, allowing for it to be ridden tubeless. DT Swiss strongly recommends the use of a high performance tire sealant, even when using tubeless specific tires. When using tubeless ready tires, the use of sealant is mandatory (the sealant seals the tire, which is not airtight in the first place). A tubeless setup only comes to its full potential with a sealant! Regarding the use of sealant, it is important to use a sealant which is compatible with the rim, rim tape and the tire. It must not be corrosive or aggressive in any other way. If in doubt, contact the sealant manufacturer in order not to void your DT Swiss warranty.

Tubeless conversion