The interface between spoke and nipple is highly important for the durability of a wheel. A good reason for DT Swiss to continuosly improve and fine-tune the DT Swiss nipple range in line with the different requirements of the various cycling-disciplines. All nipples are available with or without the patented locking system DT Pro Lock®.


DT Squorx Pro Head® nipples combine ease of use, lightweight and optimum performance in a single product. The DT Pro Head shape combined with both a torx and a square tool interface makes wheel building a lot easier. The spherical contact surface aligns the nipple perfectly with the spoke.


DT Pro Head® nipples are designed for short spokes with a large angle of deflexion such as e-bikes. Through the spherical contact surface, the nipple aligns automatically with the angle of the spoke, which leads to a homogeneous power transmission. The special shape of the head prevents the nipple of tilting in the rim base, which is a great advantage for wheel building.


DT hidden nipples are designed for high profile rims, where the inverted design is essential for optimum precision. It is very light and hidden on the inside of the rim and therefore, perfectly suited for high aero wheels. The nipple will align perfectly due to its spherical contact surface.


DT standard nipples are made of brass or aluminium. In addition to silver and black these nipples are available in the colors gold, green, blue, turquoise, violet and red, matching the color of any wheel. Through the square interface and the slot on top, they are suitable for traditional wheel building.