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Original DT Swiss products – reliable and safe! 

DT Swiss products and spare parts represent premium quality and reliability. All products go through long-term development, are thoroughly tested to meet standards and offer high levels of safety to protect cyclists. The properties and patented technologies of DT Swiss products unfortunately mean that they often fall victim to counterfeiters.

How can counterfeits be detected?

Counterfeiters sell cheap, fake copies at low prices, often online, claiming that they are authentic. DT Swiss takes active steps against counterfeit dealers and strives to remove fake products from the market. DT Swiss’ long-term aim is to ensure the authenticity of its products and to guarantee security when purchasing them.


1.    DT Swiss ID
Starting January 2020, DT Swiss wheels and suspension products are now equipped with a DT Swiss ID (older products do not have a DT Swiss ID). Scan this ID to make sure you own an authentic DT Swiss product. You can do this by visiting the Product Support page on our website. Learn more about the DT Swiss ID here.

2.      Buy DT Swiss products and spare parts only from our verified dealers
You can find your local dealers here.

3.      Be careful and critical when dealing with online retailers or when on auction platforms
Counterfeits are often sold on the internet. Ensure that the supplier is reputable when buying DT Swiss products online. Check the reliability of the site. Look at the legal notice, check the postal address and read reviews from other customers.

4.      Be wary of low prices
Fakes are often offered at a fraction of the original price. Compare the selling price with other offers. If the price is well below the average, this is a clear warning signal.

5.      The most common DT Swiss counterfeits
One of the most frequently counterfeited DT Swiss product is the Ratchet System. The original is offered in 18T, 24T, 36T and 54T versions (T = teeth). Any other number of teeth, any deviating of the surface coloring from the original, or very cheap offers are counterfeits. Visit the Ratchet Technologies Overview on our website for more information on the Ratchet System.

6.      Contact us
If in doubt, please contact us by email at or by telephone on +41 (0)32 344 79 30. Our Service Center will be happy to provide the necessary information.

Help us fight counterfeiting. You can help greatly by not engaging with counterfeit suppliers and by observing our guidelines. If you find a suspicious offer, please do not hesitate to contact the DT Swiss Service Center at