INControl Fork


Compression damping is defined by the amount of oil which can flow in different channels. The smaller the channels, the higher the flow resistance and the higher the damping. INCONTROL damping provides on-the-fly damping adjustments offering the perfect compression tune for every riding situation by opening and closing different channels.

INCONTROL DEtailed Specs

In OPEN mode, the oil flows through the low- and high-speed compression channels. OPEN mode offers sensitivity and therefore a lot of traction. To meet all preferences, the adjustment needle allows the LSC channel to be closed in stages, increasing the LSC and resulting in a firmer feeling.

DRIVE mode closes the LSC channel. All the oil flows through the HSC channel. The shims of the HSC open at a certain force, resulting in higher compression damping which reduces energy loss but maintains traction on rocky uneven uphills. Drive mode is not available for the F 535 fork.

When LOCK mode is set, a slider closes the LSC and HSC oil channels. Ideal for sprinting situations on even tracks where maximum power transmission is key. A blow-off valve protects rider and equipment from unexpected hits.


incontrol fork technology

The incontrol fork technology can be found in these products:

F 232 ONE

  • MSRP US$ from $ 979
  • Net weight from 1480 g
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F 535 ONE

  • MSRP US$ from $ 1149
  • Net weight from 2090 g
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F 535

  • MSRP US$ from $ 989
  • Net weight from 2090 g
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