Initially designed as an improvement of the quick release, the RWS has grown into a range of high end, high performance wheel mounting systems that suit anyone from the core roadie to the enduro racer.

The RWS system secures wheels safely, quickly and with unrivalled clamping force. These fine skewers are manufactured completely out of aluminum, featuring a forged lever as well as machined and anodized axles. Finally, the finished quality is a prime example of Swiss precision, just like you would expect from DT Swiss.
After having been ahead of its time when introduced back in 2005, the RWS has become one of the standard axle systems. And for good reason. As riders ride harder, on rougher terrain and on bikes allowing for speeds never attained before, every bike has to have a reliable wheel mounting system.

For tightening, the lever can be lifted and rotated as required by the fork/drop outs. After tightening, the lever can be positioned in any position desired.


RWS versus conventional Quick release

RWS Clamping force > 5000 N
Clamping force > 5000 N
Conventional QR Clamping force < 4000 N
Conventional QR
Clamping force < 4000 N


The RWS Plug

With the introduction of the RWS Plug In we further fortify the RWS' position as the benchmark in high end, high precision through axle systems. It is the only solution on the market that looks very clean both with and without the lever. So now you can have an RWS and chose whether you want to keep the convenience of a lever or go full race, hex only-mode.

Full metal, precision parts design


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