Our international company offers a diverse working environment characterized by fairness, respect and trust.

introduction programs

Thanks to a modern infrastructure and comprehensive introduction programs, new employees can be effectively trained and quickly integrated into the daily work routine.


Every year, we forego Christmas gifts to customers or suppliers and instead donate a considerable amount to a good cause. In addition, sustainability is a major issue for us, which is why we are constantly working on the optimal use of our resources in order to make a difference.


Individual development

The DT Swiss spirit is based on a friendly and sportive cooperation, whereby each employee is provided with sufficient space for individual development.


The latest technologies and innovative methods are the most important components of our infrastructure, which allows DT Swiss to network all over the world. With our modern and competitive IT solutions, we also set a benchmark beyond our industry and offer our employees the best possible infrastructure and our IT team continuously diverse and cross-divisional projects.


Depending on the subsidiary, we offer additional country-specific benefits. These range from above-average social benefits, an annual working hours model and a sporting infrastructure to exceptional occupational safety. You will receive details on the branch-specific benefits during your first interview or upon request.


Community Events

Numerous internal and external events, such as the Mon Chasseral race, the Easter Brunch, lunch rides and other joint sports activities, summer BBQs and a legendary Christmas party strengthen the cooperative togetherness on an interpersonal level.


How do our colleagues work in their daily business and what do they appreciate most about DT Swiss as employer?

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DT Swiss as a global company

Alyssa from the Marketing department talks about her perception of DT Swiss as global company.
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Values and principles

Patricia from the Human Resources department talks about the values and principles of the DT Swiss HR department.
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Cross-departmental collaboration

Isabel from the Organizational Development department talks about her experience with cross-departmental collaboration at DT Swiss.
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Riccardo from the Controlling department talks about how we approach process optimization at DT Swiss (German).

Work Ride Balance

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about us

DT Swiss was founded in 1994 through a management buyout from the Biel-based company Vereinigte Drahtwerke. Learn more about the origins and todays mission.

about us

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