Proline Wheelbuilding

Truing stand
Truing stand

Truing stand

The truing stand and its accessories are professional tools designed to make wheel building more precise and timesaving. The stiff, anodized aluminum frame and steel axle interface allow for extremely stable mounting of the wheel. Three fully independent points of measurement can be set freely on the rim to make the operation easy and comfortable. The Truing Stand can be further upgraded with optional equipment to fit your personal needs and is compatible with all common axle variants and wheel sizes.

black with red multilink-arms,

  • Material number TUTXXXXS40942S

DT proline truing adapter 12mm, Kit (2 pcs)

  • Material number TUWXXXXV40284S

DT proline truing adapter 15mm, Kit (2 pcs)

  • Material number TUWXXXXV40285S

DT proline truing adapter 20mm, Kit (2 pcs)

  • Material number TUWXXXXV40286S

truing adapter front hub Cannondale LEFTY

  • Material number TUWXXXXS05169C


The DT Tensio is a precision instrument for measuring the spoke tension of the wheel. This DT Swiss development, assembled and calibrated in Switzerland, is intended for the gradual pre-tensioning of the spokes during wheel build and the measurement of the spoke tension. This part is sold with its special protective case and replacement parts are also available separately.

with analog dial gauge

  • Material number TETTAXXR44175S

with digital dial gauge

  • Material number TETTDXXE31261S
Wheel building tools
Wheel building tools

Wheel building tools

DT Swiss wheel building tools allow for assembly of the different parts of a wheel in a precise and efficient way.


  • Material number TTSXXXXR05664S

Classic nipple wrench TORX black

  • Material number TTSXXXXS05665S

Nipple key Torx black

  • Material number TTSXXXXS05630S

Nipple key square red

  • Material number TTSXXXXR05631S

Nipple key HEX 2.0

  • Material number TTSXXXXE31263S


  • Material number TTSXXXXN23003S


  • Material number TTSXXXXR23005S


  • Material number TTSXXXXS23006S

All Purpose Tool Wheels

  • Material number TTSXXXXR05626S

DT Torx-Bit KIT

  • Material number TTKXXXXM05649S

DT Torx-Bit KIT Large

  • Material number TTKXXXXM05651S


  • Material number TTKXXXXM05695S

Nipple guide

  • Material number TZSXXXXNNIGUIS

Spoke head punch

  • Material number TTSXXXXNSPHEPS

05-701 / 25.10.2016

  • Material number TTSXXXXNSPRULS


DT Swiss wheel accessories improve the reliability of the wheels assembly.

(includes two bottles of spoke freeze of 10 ml)

  • Material number TTSXXXXNFREEZS

1 box = 1000 pcs

  • Material number TTSXX20NSPHWAS

1 box = 1000 pcs

  • Material number TTSXX25NSPHWAS


  • If you're able to repair your wheel yourself, you can also buy our DT Swiss Proline wheel building tools. Make a note of the material number and order the tools from your dealer.


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