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Since its foundation in 1994, the aim to manufacture various reliable products for ambitious cyclists has remained  unchanged, maintaining a dedication to quality and innovation as an integral part of DT Swiss.

Three Decades


The year 2024 marks DT Swiss' 30th anniversary. The company mission remains the same: develop high-performance products that provide ambitious cyclists a decisive advantage.


DT Swiss suspension production is transferred from Asia to Poland, where every suspension component is now assembled.


DT Swiss acquires the brake brand, Trickstuff, based in Freiburg, Germany. Trickstuff will continue as its own brand, keeping its identity and product strategy.


The suspension lineup is complemented by the first self-developed dropper seatpost. The special feature is the UPSIDEDROP technology with 60 mm of travel, which makes the seatpost not only super lightweight and reliable, but also easy to maintain.


EXP stands for Experience. We have 25 years of experience in our hub technology. The new generation Ratchet system is lighter, stiffer, more accurate, easier to maintain and faithful to our engineering performance credo.


We've outgrown our HQ on Solothurnstrasse in Biel after 15 years. DT Swiss AG’s consistent growth demands more space. This photo shows the groundbreaking ceremony for a new building with modern infrastructure in the Längfeldweg industrial zone in Biel.


It is our passion for the sport that drives us to expand our product range. In 2008, we started to pinpoint the key factors for suspension in order to produce competitive high quality forks.


DT Swiss Polska Sp, z o.o. is founded in 2007 with the aim of establishing a competitive production site within the EU. In 2010, this modern plant expands with the integration of a European Service Center.


The opening of a subsidiary in Taiwan, DT Swiss Asia Ltd., marks an important strategic step to strengthen the presence in the South-East Asian market. In 2010 a spoke production and wheel-building as well as a service center go into operation.


DT Swiss produces wheels with its own components, spokes, nipples, hubs and rims, and begins its own wheelbuilding program. DT Swiss supplies the market with a constantly growing product range and a huge variety of system wheels for all cycling disciplines.


Following an intense development and testing phase, the group's first rims "roll off" the production line in its dedicated new facility. It produces a wide selection of rim profile shapes and widths for wheels across all disciplines.


Suspension for more comfort during biking? DT Swiss caters to this new trend and launches the world's lightest damper at 145 g.


Reflecting the importance of a strong spoke-nipple connection for wheel durability, DT Swiss invests in top-quality nipples and innovative technologies. The same year, DT Swiss launches a whole range of brass and aluminum nipples in different dimensions and colors.


The DT Swiss Inc. subsidiary in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA is opened in 1996. A dedicated spoke production facility and a sales and marketing team provide the company with a foothold in the important North American market.


DT Swiss acquires the exclusive license for the "Hügi Ratchet System technology" and starts to manufacture and distribute its own hubs. A complete line of hubs for road bikes and mountain bikes are introduced to the market.


The initials DT started as the synonym for top-quality Swiss spokes.


In 1994, Frank Böckmann, Maurizio D'Alberto and Marco Zingg founded the innovative new company, DT Swiss AG, following a management buyout from the Biel-based "Vereinigte Drahtwerke".

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In addition to its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland, the company has a network of production and sales facilities in several countries. Find out more about the subsidiaries and today's mission.

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