The R 232 ONE uses a dual-air chamber system, which is auto-balanced by a bypass. When the shock is fully extended, the pressure in the negative air chamber is higher than in the positive air chamber.  This reduces the breakaway force, offering perfect traction and sensitivity. When the shock compresses, the piston moves over the bypass of the air chamber. When the piston is located on the bypass, the bypass ensures pressure equalization of the positive and negative air chamber. When the shock is compressed further, only the air inside the positive air chamber is compressed and the negative chamber is depressurized.


The aim was to design a high-performance, lightweight shock that offers a low breakaway force, a mid-stroke section that makes it possible to float over bumps on flat tracks and offers a progressive end stroke that avoids harsh bottom-outs. This has been achieved through the position of the bypass and the volume of the air chambers.


lineair shock Technology

The lineair shock technology can be found in these products:

R 232 ONE

  • MSRP US$ from $ 409
  • Net weight from 245 g
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R 535 ONE

  • MSRP US$ from $ 449
  • Net weight from 300 g
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