L2 Remote Lever

Control the three position damping system of your suspension to trigger your speed.

  • MSRP US$ from $ 66
  • Net weight from 35 g
Product details

Product details

Every MTB ride has a plethora of changing conditions that require the rider and bike to quickly adapt. The ergonomics of the L2 Remote Lever are designed to allow riders to be more responsive to these changing conditions, wasting no time with a precise and natural movement. Compatible with the DT Swiss INCONTROL damping system with three positions, the L2 Remote Lever allows for locking and unlocking the shock and fork with a single thumb movement. This reliable Remote Lever can be fixed via a Matchmaker X or a handlebar clamp and adjusted individually for an optimal fit. This component doesn’t take up much space thanks to its neat design. By adapting faster to the conditions, riders can focus on their ride, become faster and trigger their speed.

  • Material Aluminum
  • Compatibility Forks w/ INCONTROL/ODL damping


We believe in the art of engineering and strive for sophistication in the product development process. Our guiding idea is to constantly push barriers with our inhouse developed technologies.


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Actuation steps

DOUBLESTAGE (Open,Drive,Lock)


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General Material
  • Material
  • Compatibility
  • Actuating mechanism
  • Actuation steps
  • Remote Mounting
  • Mounting position
  • Inclusive
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L2 DOUBLESTAGE remote lever

  • Aluminum
  • Forks w/ INCONTROL/ODL damping
  • Mechanical
  • DOUBLESTAGE (Open,Drive,Lock)
  • Matchmaker X
  • Bottom left
  • Cable with cable end crimps
    Handlebar clamp
Product support
Product Support

Product support

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How-To install the l2 remote lever

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carla hartmann
physiotherapist & mtb rider


«The ergonomics of a control element are not only essential to ensure quick usability and thus save seconds during a race, they are also crucial to prevent non-natural moves with negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. Optimized movement helps to avoid repetition of bad gestures that can eventually create pain in the hand, due to poor ergonomics.  The ergonomics of remote levers where the thumb doesn’t have to be lifted up enables the exerted force of activation to be oriented so that it is an extension of the rider's thumb.»