offset definition

The offset (V) is the perpendicular distance between the steering axle and the axle mount (hub axle) of the front wheel.

How is it made?

The offset can be implemented at the fork crown and/or at the dropouts that accommodate the front wheel axle.

For the F 232 ONE fork, the different offsets are created exclusively via the crown. The offsets at the dropouts are identical in both fork versions.

The offset of a fork necessarily impacts the trail.

trail Definition

The trail is the distance between the point of intersection where the imaginary line of the steering axis crosses the ground and the point of contact of the tire directly under the center of the wheel. The longer the offset of a fork, the smaller the trail.

influence on riding performance

The trail has influence on the following two handling characteristics of the bicycle: straightness of the front wheel and maneuverability.

The greater the trail, the better the straightness stability of the front wheel. On the other hand, the steering forces increase and the bicycle is more difficult to steer at slow speeds, thus decreasing bicycle maneuverability.

The shorter the trail, the more maneuverable the bicycle and the easier it is to steer at low speeds. However, at high speeds it is more difficult to steer straight and the tendency of the front wheel to wobble increases.

The trail can be affected through several changes made to the frame geometry and/or its components:

  • Steering angle
  • Fork offset
  • Fork travel
  • Wheel diameter


When developing a bicycle, engineers consider every element related to bike geometry in order to ensure the best riding performance for a specific bike: the riding position of the rider, the wheelbase, the trail, the steering pressure, and the different characteristics of the components. The suspension fork offset therefore has to match the frame geometry as well as the specific purpose of the bike.



The offset technology can be found in the following products:

F 232 ONE

  • MSRP US$ from $ 979
  • Net weight from 1480 g
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