Break the mold!

The New 1200 Lineup

While carbon wheels were once a new concept in the mountain biking world, you can now find them almost anywhere. To make the 1200 range truly stand out as top performing MTB wheels, DT Swiss had to break the mold. A new rim manufacturing process, unique to the industry, creates durable yet light rims through maximum carbon layer compression, while a 100 % quality control technique of each rim certifies minimum imperfections. No final step is needed to dress up the surfaces; the process creates rims that are ready to go, straight out of the mold. This process, paired with component adjustments tailored to each riding style, results in the finest tuned systems to meet your highest expectations. The 1200 wheels are for those who are always striving to improve, who are not afraid of breaking the mold.


An industry disrupting rim manufacturing process and a layer-by-layer nondestructive inspection of every product creates light yet durable rims for a long-lasting riding experience. Moreover, the 1200 range wheels feature carbon layers that enclose the entire rim to solidify the rim horns against heavier impacts through long and uninterrupted fibers.

Find out more information on our new carbon mold technology page.

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180 HUB

To match your ambitions, the wheels in the 1200 range are equipped with the ultimate 180 hub. Lightweight, rigid and with super-smooth SINC ceramic bearings, the heart of the 1200 wheels will spin almost indefinitely, bringing you to the top of a lost glacier or to another win.


With the exception of the HXC 1200 SPLINE, which benefits from eMTB-specific spokes, every wheel in the 1200 range is equipped with DT revolite spokes. This spoke blends strength and lightness with a unique shape that outperforms all other MTB spokes in its weight class in terms of durability.

break the mold!

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  • Weight per set from 1303 g
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2999
  • Weight per set from 1485 g
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2999
  • Weight per set from 1809 g
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