COILPAIR produces real coil sensitivity in a lightweight spring system ensuring small bump sensitivity.


A small coil spring works with the air spring in the first 30 mm of travel. Due to the zero breakaway force of the coil spring, it compresses before the air spring piston even starts to move. The spring unit is connected to the lower unit of the fork via a spring connector. The spring connector basically consists of a coil spring and a guide bushing.

The steel spring of the spring connector absorbs minor impacts before they can be transferred to the air spring unit. Since the air spring unit with its sliding seals is more inert than a steel spring, the slightest unevenness is absorbed by the steel spring of the spring connector without the seals' static friction having to be overcome. In the event of major impacts or sustained force on the lower unit, the steel spring in the spring connector is compressed to such an extent that the force is transmitted directly to the spring unit. The cycle starts anew when the fork is relieved and loaded again.

F535 (spring curve)

coilpair technology

The coilpair technology can be found in these products:

F 535 ONE

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  • Net weight from 2090 g
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