freewheeling moments

There is this moment on a bicycle when one feels completely free. All noise of the day fades from focus in this frozen instant. As varied as the situation may be, whether in the air after take off, riding through a corner or reaching the top of the hill. What unites these moments - the sound of the freewheeling freehub.


In order to experience these unique moments of focus, confidence in oneself as well as in the equipment is needed. The trust in the material is largely determined by the reliability of the components.


Aside from providing the legendary sound of DT Swiss rear hubs, the ratchet is also responsible for the appreciated reliability of the freehub systems. Compared to pawl freehub systems, the Ratchet System offers superior reliability due to a larger contact surface area at engagement. Forces can be distributed evenly over larger areas and lower peak loads are achieved. The result is higher reliability and a longer lifetime - allowing riders to focus on the essentials.


1900 SPLINE wheels form the first step in the MTB range of DT Swiss. This line strives to equip as many mountain bike riders as possible with wheels they can rely on, therefore allowing them to focus completely on that moment on the bike when one feels completely free. In order to enhance the already high reliability of these hand-built wheels, the new 1900 SPLINE wheel line has been equipped with the new Ratchet LN freehub system.


What makes the Ratchet System hubs superior is the fact that all teeth on each of the ratchets engage simultaneously every time. In the case of pawl hubs, the engagement surface area is rather small. With the Ratchet System, the whole front face engages, creating much smaller point loads. The result is the legendary reliability of the Ratchet System hubs.


Internally, Ratchet LN uses the same mechanism as the well-known Ratchet System. The difference in the system lies in the seal placement. To ensure the convertibility of pawl hubs, the seal had to be fixed to the freehub body on Ratchet LN hubs. Hubs with the classic Ratchet System or Ratchet EXP have their sealing on the hub shell.


The Ratchet LN upgrade kit includes the threaded ring, ratchets with 18 teeth, spring, shim ring, spacer and the freehub body. It is available with a standard Shimano HG, SRAM XD and Shimano MICRO SPLINE freehub body. For conversion, the DT Swiss 3-pawl ring nut removal tool and the DT Swiss Ratchet ring nut removal tool is required.


DT Swiss rims are known and appreciated for their low weight, high quality and strength.

The 1900 SPLINE uses rims that are connected with a sleeve joint, unlike the higher level aluminum rims which are welded. Sleeve joint rims use an accurate small aluminum insert which fits in the hollow cavity of the rim and aligns both bended profile ends. Together with height strength structural glue it secures rim joint.

A sleeved rim is more effective in production than a welded rim but fulfill same testing requirements and additional weight is minimal compared to high end welded rims. To meet the requirements of the various fields of application DT Swiss developed specific rim profiles for each field of application.

X 432

The X 1900 SPLINE comes with a 25 mm wide rim, the X 432. This inner width provides sufficient support for modern tires to ride low air pressure, reducing rolling resistance. Nevertheless, the rim is lighter than a 30 mm aluminum rim. The lower weight is essential for acceleration as the rotating and accelerating mass can be kept lower, therefore the X 432 rim is available only in 25 mm. These characteristics are sure to get the heart beating on that after-work XC lap.

M 502

The M 502 rim is featured in the M 1900 SPLINE. This is the sleeved version of the All Mountain rim, XM 481. The M 502 uses eyelets and no PHR. Both rims have in common an optimized balance of durability and weight. The 30 mm inner width makes tubeless installation user friendly and provides necessary support for the tires.

E 532

The E 532 is the little sibling of the EX 511 and is used in the E 1900 SPLINE. Notorious for durability at a lower weight, it passes various stress tests by riders in the field and in the test lab at DT Swiss. Achieved through the use of high-grade materials and years of experience in the construction of high-quality rims.


A wheel in motion must face different load cases when on the trail. As the bridge between the hub and the rim, spokes undergo high tensile forces with every single rotation of the wheel. After years of experience and hours of testing in the DT Swiss in-house labs and on the trails, the DT champion spoke has become a standard in various wheel workshops. Once laced into a wheel, the straight shape allows it to resist the high radial forces occurring on the wheel from the drive and brake torques, for a long time. Made from a specific steel and with a 2.0 mm diameter, the DT champion is a reliable and durable spoke, enabling every rider to enjoy those freewheeling moments on the trails.

experienced handbuilding

All of the individual components play a part in the quality, or by DT Swiss' definition, the reliability of the product. To a significant degree, the reliability of wheels, however, is determined by the way of building. However, the reliability of the wheels overall is significantly determined through the specific building process.

experienced handbuilding

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