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built to advance

The latest generation of light eMTBs aims for an advanced riding feel and therefore combines the agility of a MTB with the support of the classic eMTB. Smaller motors make for a light system weight. To ensure the best possible performance, DT Swiss had a close look at the new light eMTB requirements and realized that the loads and torques still exceed the MTB ones, although the system weight remains almost the same. The admission of a lower system weight opens up new possibilities for DT Swiss wheel engineers to combine the durability of our Hybrid MTB wheels with the well-known light weight of DT Swiss products. The Hybrid MTB LS wheels are Built to Advance, featuring upgraded components specifically developed for motors with a lower average torque output, without compromising the weight and therefore the agility a lighter wheelset provides while riding.

development challenges

DT Swiss' mission to provide riders with wheels adapted to their practice has not changed. The needs and the bikes have changed, which requires updated components, in order to be in harmony with the new constraints. The new, lighter eMTBs are close to the weight of the classic MTBs, while being equipped with motors, and therefore cause higher torques and loads. This new, more versatile category therefore requires more versatile components as well. The compromise in the development of these wheels was to be able to offer ambitious riders wheels that are light enough for agile and sharp handling, yet strong enough for the toughest trails. The Hybrid MTB LS wheels were developed and tested to certify a maximum system weight of 130 kg at ASTM category 4, built with lighter rims, spokes with lightly reinforced 2.15 mm heads and specific Hybrid LS adapted hubs.

carbon rims
hxc 1501 spline one ls

The ultimate model of the Hybrid MTB LS range is equipped with carbon rims with an internal width of 30 mm. These wheels provide outstanding agility due to their low weight, while being strong enough to provide lasting trust on each trail.

Their agility allows them to quickly climb fast technical uphills and come back down on demanding lines that require dynamism from the rider and their bike.

aluminum rims

These wheels are equipped with light, welded aluminum rims to suit characteristics of light eMTBs: agility and reliability.

The emphasis was put on the lightness of the rim to allow riders increased riding agility for those fast line changings on trails.

lighter hybrid spokes

With spokes thicker than those for MTBs, but thinner than those for eMTBs, the Hybrid MTB LS spokes ensure increased lateral and torsional stiffness compared to normal MTBs, without having a significant impact on the weight. Increased lateral stiffness is better suited to the additional light eMTB loads, while the enhanced torsional stiffness enables more direct power transmission from the hub to the rim.

Furthermore, each spoke is always loaded and unloaded during a wheel rotation. The continuous loading and unloading leads to fatigue behavior of the spoke, which is improved by the thicker diameter.

adapted hybrid hubs

Although the battery and motor are smaller, they still add extra weight compared to traditional MTBs. Lightweight eMTBs are often ridden the same way as traditional enduro bikes, adding extra loads to the components. For these reasons, the hub body has been redesigned. It allows for increased resistance to higher drive torques from motors and heavier brakes torques from additional weight, increasing its reliability, without compromising its lightness.

reinforced bearings

Grooved ball bearings are usually found in high-end bicycle hubs. These bearings have been optimized to spin fast and absorb radial forces while still being able to take up a certain number of axial forces. Bearing wear occurs when the forces on the balls or on the running surface are too high. The high local loads can lead to indentations in the running surface, which causes the balls to no longer run smoothly. Excessive point loads can also lead to abrasion of the running surface, which can result in play. Given the greater loads on eMTBs, adjustments to the ball bearings are also required. Accordingly, the new generation of hybrid wheels use larger ball bearings than the 240 EXP MTB hub. The larger ball bearings distribute loads over a larger area of the running surface, whereby less wear occurs.

extended testing

confident riding

With many years of experience, DT Swiss has great testing know-how.

Through a global network of specialists, DT Swiss has the ability to produce a large number of prototypes resulting in a clear advantage when it comes to laboratory testing. These tests are conducted to replicate as closely as possible what the wheels will have to endure once in the field and in a whole life cycle. Our testing facilities and methods reflect cutting edge technologies and are the key to ensure high safety and performance of our products. In addition, numerous long field tests are necessary to investigate the products under real world conditions.

hybrid wheels

Loads on light eMTBs tend to be higher as the system weight is generally higher than on a classic, non-motorized MTB. Additionally, these light eMTBs can allow riders to strongly accelerate without compromising downhill handling and therefore ride these bikes in a sporty manner, resulting in higher torques. Accordingly, DT Swiss has developed Hybrid-specific test requirements for a system weight of 130kg and ASTM F 2043 Condition 4.

The DT Swiss Hybrid MTB LS wheels must pass several tests, which are specified in the DT Swiss internal test standard. The applied test methods reflect higher loads and an increased quantity of load cycles compared to other wheels, in order to ensure sufficient strength and durability under demanding riding conditions.

hybrid hubs

Faster acceleration through the added motor causes higher driving torques. To slow down the higher system weight, braking results in higher brake torques. The increased mileage also leads to a higher amount of load cycles acting on the hub. The new Hybrid MTB Light Support hubs are optimized for these specific requirements.

hybrid spokes

A bicycle wheel in motion faces different load cases. For the spokes, the most common load is a tensile force. This force may vary from case to case, for example, for a single rotation of a wheel in use, each spoke will face different and changing tensile forces. These increased loads on the spokes primarily occur due to higher radial forces on the wheel and higher drive and brake torques. To face the specific higher requirements of a Hybrid wheel, the DT Swiss Hybrid spokes are reinforced at their head, resulting in a up to 45 % stronger tensile force resistant spoke compared to a classic MTB spoke.

dream build: light emtb & hybrid mtb ls wheels

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daniel berger

The Hybrid Revolution

«A few years have passed since the presentation of the first range of wheels for electric mountain bikes. Just like the bikes, the components have also evolved to more accurately match the new practices that emerge from this evolution. At DT Swiss, since day one our passion for eMTBs has been the driving force behind the technological advancements, aiming to adapt all users' wheels to their practice. Today, eMTB riding can be even more demanding for components than before. These new light eMTBs can provide downhill sensations close to classic mountain bikes due to their reduced weight, while still shortening the climbing time. The new Hybrid MTB LS wheels are designed for these new e-bikes, bringing high performance with lightness, agility and resistance to the higher eMTB loads.»

NILS VERHOEVEN​ Manager pm wheels & components

The Hybrid Evolution

«Based on the already well-established high torque eMTB Hybrid wheels, we have taken into account the current development and diversification that is emerging in the eMTB sector. The exciting and, in our view, long-lasting trend of increasingly weight-reduced, light support eMTBs has played a significant role in the development of our latest eMTB wheels. 

While our previous Hybrid MTB line is particularly focused on reliability under extremely high loads, Hybrid Light Support focuses on the interplay between agility and reliability, considering the increased torque by the additional motor. 

The new range of hybrid MTB components brings quality, reliability and high performance to a new level, tailored to the needs of users, the different terrains and the eMTBs they use.»


hybrid mtb ls

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