Let your muscles play on the up-hills and switch to attack mode for the down-hills. This is exactly what the DT Swiss Enduro rims are made for. Each rim is a piece of high precision engineering and thanks to the extremely resistant aluminum alloy, the 533d can cope with the most demanding trails.

From $ 34.90

  • Material ALUMINIUM
  • Inner width 22 mm
  • Outer width 28 mm
  • Decal type Vinyl
  • Brake interface Disc
  • Number of holes 28 / 32
  • Bore type Eyelet
  • recommended system weight max. 130 kg
  • ASTM classification 4
  • Optional Tubeless tape 27 mm
    Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm
Rim diameter 559 mm (26")
Reference diameter ERD 539 mm
Net weight 520 g
Rim diameter 584 mm (27.5" / 650B)
Reference diameter ERD 564 mm
Net weight 540 g
Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)
Reference diameter ERD 602 mm
Net weight 575 g


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