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On the Hunt or Off the Hook?

On the Hunt or off the Hook?

Are you On the hunt or off the hook?

Once you leave the pavement behind and start your ride off the road, two different paths open up: will you take the gravel adventure into the unknown, or will your primal instinct call you to go hunting on the fast track?


In the unknown, off the road, where the challenges are many, that's where you can let yourself off the hook. To discover these adventures, versatility and confidence are essential. Unleash your inner adventurer and take your Gravel riding to the next level with the GRC DICUT 30. The lightweight 30 mm high carbon rim provides not just agility, but also puncture resistance with its wide flanges, even with traction-enhancing, low air pressure.


Are you hunting that first tire mark in the finish line dust or your next personal best? ​Then the GRC DICUT 50 is your co-pilot for your next gravel stage. The 50 mm high rim based on the AERO+ concept cuts through the air and sends a cloud of dust over your pursuers. Drifts will be a breeze with the handling stability provided by the low steering moment and the inner width of 24 mm.

Tailored Off Road Experience


With these new wheels in our Gravel portfolio, all our road wheels are now constructed with hooks. In the case of gravel wheels, we believe that hooked rims are the ultimate solution for safety and ease of use. Your gravel bike mounted with the new GRC wheels will allow you to ride in extreme conditions and environments. Knowing that your tire sits safely on your rim will give you the confidence you need to explore and push it even further.

In addition to the safety benefit, CFD simulations and wind tunnel tests of both hooked and hookless rims showed us a clear aerodynamic advantage for the hooked version, with lower base drag and steering moment.


Specific riding benefits

When you leave the road, you have the choice of two new rims. Their internal width is identical, 24 mm, which was proven during the development phase to provide the lowest aerodynamic drag while providing ideal support for 40 mm wide gravel tires. The rims have two different rim heights, adapted to different riding environments and offering specific riding advantages. 



The light weight of the GRC 30 makes your gravel bike adventure-proof. How? Its new shape, with a lower rim height, results in less weight while maintaining relatively low aerodynamic drag. You can also count on the comfort and durability of its wide flanges, which offer improved puncture resistance. The result is greater agility and steering comfort, making you ready for endless adventures!  


To create the ultimate gravel racing wheels, we took into consideration the whole wheel system, including wide gravel tires. This led to the development of a unique rim shape, allowing the new GRC 50 wheels to reach the lowest aerodynamic drag, setting a new benchmark when tested against the other brands as well as our other Gravel wheels. This new rim shape provides a great compromise between aerodynamic performance, and robustness, making it a dangerously fast addition to your off-road racing vehicle. 



The patent-pending outer carbon layer of our new carbon Gravel wheels enables an unrivaled high-quality finish on the rim surface, meaning it is ready to go, straight out of the mold. The result is an air-pocket-free layup, avoiding resin build-ups, which not only improves reliability but also enhances the sleek design of the rim.  The use of a patented process ensures this unique look and avoids the need for a final coating, which also results in weight savings.

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Now it is up to you to decide: When riding off the road, do you want to be off the hook or on the hunt?

  grc 1100 dicut 30 grc 1100 dicut 50

Field of use

Adventure Racing
Rim height 30 mm 50 mm
Weight 1350 g 1567 g
Rim dimension 650 B or 700 C 700 C
Weighted aero drag 17.5 W 14.9 W
Key riding benefit Agility Speed
Finish Out of the mold

Out of the mold


For those that love the extra independence provided by e-gravel bikes, a specific wheelset has been developed for you. Based on the new 30 mm high gravel rim and with reinforced components, the HGC 1400 SPLINE ideally suits the requirement of hybrid bikes as well as higher system weight.


Off the road 

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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2999
  • Weight per set from 1298 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2399
  • Weight per set from 1366 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 2449
  • Weight per set from 1410 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
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