Trainee Information Technology


Computer Scientist (Swiss Federal VET Diploma)

DURATION OF TRAINEESHIP February - August 2015

Please describe here in brief what your activities were during your traineeship

I worked with the SAP Basic Team and ICT Support. I also took part in various SAP and network projects.


How did you become aware of the traineeship at DT Swiss?

I became aware of DT Swiss in the vacancies portal, where the ICT traineeship was advertised online.


What makes DT Swiss different from other employers?

Its dynamism and the friendly atmosphere among the employees.


What were you able to take from your time at DT Swiss?

Basic knowledge of SAP, experience and skills relating to process management, and new friends.


What was your personal highlight during your traineeship?

I saw, in real and productive processes, how a drawing is turned into a finished and high-quality product, and how information technology supports this process and makes it possible.


And what does the time after your traineeship hold in store for you?

I am beginning a course of studies in business information systems.