State of the art carbon – DT Swiss uses the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) process for its carbon crown steerer unit.

Digital development of the TFP crown/steerer unit

In order to fullfill and exceed the ever increasing demand of super lightweight and reliable high performance products, DT Swiss has chosen to apply a completely new manufacturing technology for its carbon crown/steerer unit.

TFP includes all manufacturing technologies where fibres are placed in the direction of the occurring forces and in appropriate quantity to handle the loads resulting from the use of the product. DT Swiss makes the best use of this technology by precisely analyzing the loads occuring while riding by measuring real time loads and running extensive FE (finite element) analysis to determine where and how material has to be applied.

For this project DT Swiss has chosen to collaborate with a partner of one of the worlds leading textile/embroidering companies based in Switzerland. Garment manufacturing is all about repeatedly being able to manufacture identical patterns fast and with absolute precision, just what’s needed in state of the art carbon parts.

Embroidered raw parts for the TFP crown

Simply put, what the technology consists of, is fixing carbon fibres to a textile carrier (embroidering) and then placing this part into a conventional mold for curing. The resin injection and curing process however is SPS controlled. Proprietary resins are used for an extremely high impact resistance.

With this Swiss cooperation DT Swiss is able to place the carbon fibres for this crown/steerer unit just like nature would, only where needed and just as many as necessary. Since the fibre placement is completely controlled by CNC machines, two major advantages result: 

  • Super consistent manufacturing precision with a rejection rate close to zero
  • Very low material consumption due to zero excess material, both ecologically and economically efficient


The foam core inside the crown guarantees optimum compaction of the carbon fibres, increasing the consistency of the process even further. Manual work in the process is reduced to placing the embroidered piece into the mold and to minimal finishing work. 


With all this technology and dedication going into it, the DT Swiss carbon crown/steerer unit is a 100% Swiss Made high performance component ready to take every mountainbikers riding experience to the next level!

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