Fair-Share Policy
& Warranty

Our quality commitment to keep you riding

As riders, we know that sometimes things don't go as planned. No product is indestructible and sometimes crashes, riding errors or punctures can damage a product to such an extent that their function is seriously impaired or safe use is no longer possible. To keep you riding, we offer a Fair-Share Policy and extended warranty for DT Swiss carbon wheels.

What is the
Fair-Share Policy? 

The Fair-Share Policy applies to all DT Swiss carbon wheels. If the carbon rims have suffered a defect due to a riding error, you will benefit from a replacement with a new rim at a cost-conscious rate. The personal contribution is CHF 249 / EUR 249 / USD 249 per wheel. Exception: for the ARC 1100 DICUT DISC wheel there is a charge of CHF 749 / EUR 749 / USD 749.  

EXTENDED warranty? 

First-time owners of DT Swiss carbon wheels are provided with a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects. In such cases, DT Swiss will repair your product free of charge.


Start off on a good note with a refreshed wheel, ready for many kilometers with the Fair-Share Policy: 

  • Hand assembly of the components 

  • High quality spoke tension for durable wheels 

  • New nipples and tubeless tape 

  • Return shipment free of charge 


Discover the conditions of application of the Fair-Share Policy and the process steps to follow on this support page here: 

Warranty & Fair-Share