E 1900 SPLINE®

Nowadays, bikers ride what used to be called downhill trails on enduros. The trails are getting rougher and the demands on the gear and rider are greater. The E 1900 SPLINE has been developed to deal with precisely these re-quirements. With its stiff aluminum rim, lightweight straight pull spokes and proven DT Swiss hubs, this wheel is well-armed for any challenge. The balance of weight and stiffness will put a smile on your face, whether you’re riding up or downhill. After all, you won’t find lifts to many of the best trails.


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Wheel MTB Enduro E 1900 SPLINE®

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Mountain biking is constantly evolving. In Cross Country, you no longer simply ride natural single-tracks; man-made obstacles now create unprecedented loads. What was once considered a downhill track is now your daily lunch ride on your enduro or all mountain bike. Wheels need to withstand heavy loads, allow easy acceleration and offer a larger inner width for better tire support. To meet the needs of Cross Country, All Mountain and Enduro riders, we have completely redeveloped our 1900 SPLINE line.  Read more in our Blog

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