RR 411

The most advanced alloy existing for rims meets the most advanced rim profile to form the RR 411 rim. From the moment the alloy is melted all the way to the secret surface treatment, this rim is all about getting the absolute best out of the great, shiny metal that is aluminum. Very light, very strong, very classy is the result. The RR 411 is available with a symmetric as well as an asymmetric rim profile.

From $ 106.90

  • Material ALUMINIUM
  • Rim height 21 mm
  • Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)
  • Inner width 18 mm
  • Reference diameter ERD 601 mm
  • Decal type Vinyl
  • Number of holes 20 / 24 / 28 / 32
  • Bore type Non-Eyelet (PHR washer)
  • recommended system weight max. 120 kg
  • ASTM classification 1
Brake interface Disc
Net weight 410 g
Outer width 22 mm
Optional Tubeless tape 21 mm
Tubeless valve road 32 mm
Brake interface Non disc Non disc
Net weight 435 g 435 g
Outer width 21.5 mm 21.5 mm
Optional Tubeless tape 21 mm
Tubeless valve road 32 mm
Tubeless tape 21 mm
TL valve MTB/Road 32 mm Asym.


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