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DT Swiss AG is a company with a global presence. It develops, produces, and markets high-quality bicycle components. DT Swiss products are known for their precision and reliability and are developed with the aim of offering reliable components for an unforgettable riding experience for every rider and every terrain. The art of Swiss engineering and innovation have played a crucial role in DT Swiss’ rapid development from a simple spoke producer to the world's leading provider of spokes, nipples, rims, hubs, wheels and suspension systems. Driven by their passion for cycling, more than 600 employees work at a total of six sites around the world to ensure that DT Swiss products set the standard.


Producing premium components has always been our goal. Our top priority is to maintain the highest quality standards through a wide range of processes and through professional quality management. All aspects of DT Swiss components are high-end; the selection of the raw materials, the individual stages of production, and the final products themselves.  


We want to be the best in our industry. Constant development and improvement in all areas is the basis for the production of innovative products that are exceptional in quality, offer a sporty image, and regularly make top spots on the podium.


The art of Swiss engineering is the basis for maintaining and improving our position as market leaders. Innovative approaches and new concepts are implemented in accordance with precise market analysis. The market has confidence in them and this in turn guarantees our market leadership; something that is regularly proven by outstanding victories.


In addition to DT Swiss’ headquarters in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, the company has production and sales sites in five other countries: Taiwan, Germany, United States, France, and Poland. Regular workshops for employees and the fact that the machines used worldwide are the same as those used in Switzerland ensure that the level of skill and quality in the production of DT Swiss products is of a uniformly high standard.

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