The development of the One Piece Mag Lower started on a blank sheet of paper, free of any limitations. The result is a high-tech, injection-molded magnesium piece of engineering.

The FEM (Finite Elemente Methode) load-optimized construction makes it possible to combine very low weight and high stiffness. From the sophisticated struts inside the fork bridge to the reinforced bushing areas, every detail is constructed and dimensioned to perfectly handle the occurring forces. The One Piece Mag Lower is a masterpiece of lightweight construction, right down to the popular 15-mm dropouts. All that effort has been done with one goal in mind: More fun on the trail!

OPM Lower

The OPM lower is made from a special magnesium alloy in a single step. The bushing seats are then machined with high precision for maximum sensitivity of the fork.


The organically shaped dropouts are dimensioned using FEM to correspond exactly to the occurring forces of the forks intended use.


The arch, which runs behind the stanchions, allows a more compact, stiffer construction than arches running in front of the stanchions. In addition, the precisely designed struts ensure maximum steering precision.


The rear side of the lower is also load-optimized. The increased wall thickness around the bushing area is clearly visible.

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