— SEND IT, PIN IT The bike industry struggeled to define the term «freeride». We don't care because when you are airing out of that berm you built or gapping gaps on the DH track, so big they could be a feature at Rampage, you don't care either. What you do care about is a set of strong and reliable wheels that will also accelerate with confidence out of the startgate or onto the next big jump. And that we have covered with our FR wheels.


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Wheel MTB Freeride/Downhill

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Technical progress in mountain biking is driven by racers seeking to shave seconds off their times. Downhill tracks are harder, cornering speeds higher, gaps bigger and rock gardens rougher than ever before. This development of the tracks prompted the teams to try different wheel sizes. After decades on 26″ wheels, in 2013, riders started to use 27.5″ in World Cup events. And something that couldn’t even have been imagined a few years ago became reality last year – 29″ in Downhill World Cups. Racers decided to ride the wagon wheels to gain the marginal time advantage determining victory or defeat.  Read more in our Blog

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