In a first step the middle section of this spoke is butted through cold forging. This makes it more light weight and stronger. In a further process it is bladed to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics while increasing the material strength. DT Aero Comp guarantees a balanced ratio of stiffness, aerodynamics and durability. This spoke fits hubs with standard spoke holes. Weight: 380 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.

  • Blading BLADED
  • Reduction DOUBLE BUTTED
  • Thread 2.0 / FG 2.3
  • Length [mm] 194 - 310
  • Diameter 1 [mm] 2.0
  • Diameter 2 [mm] 1.8
  • Diameter 3 [mm] 2.0
  • Width 1 [mm] 1.2
  • Width 2 [mm] 2.3
  • Gauges N/A
  • E-Bike use NO
  • Color Black / Silver / White
Product type J-bend
Height of head [mm] 6.2
Angle 90 - 95°
Product type straightpull
Height of head [mm]
Angle N/A

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