Project Engineer Suspension


Automatics Apprenticeship, MTB Downhill World Cup Biker, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Employed at DT Swiss since: 5. September 2011
Working place: DT Swiss AG Switzerland, Biel

What do you like about your work?
What I like best is trying out completely new ideas and then implementing them until a product is ready to go into production and ultimately brings other bikers great please because the product works great, is durable, and the weight and price are right. The development of a suspension fork or a damper from the initial idea through to series production makes the work very varied and a wide variety of engineering disciplines are applied. These include activities such as building measuring devices, collecting measurement data in field tests and analysing it in the laboratory, creating testing programs, FEM and CFD simulations, design in CAD, road tests, testing of prototypes, developing and testing assembly steps, creating testing programs before delivery of the product, sometimes even road tests with potential OEM customers, etc., for example. In terms of activities, the part which is most fun for me is when I understand the behaviour of the bike and suspension elements better using physics and simulations and can then improve them.  I am very lucky in my job to be able to turn my passion into a career.

Why DT Swiss?
As a company in which I can turn my passion into a career in the field of MTB suspension development, DT Swiss is unique in Switzerland. I also very much appreciate the fact that we are a small development team, and ideas can therefore be introduced and modified somewhat.

How would you describe DT Swiss in three words?
Innovative, but still well thought out and with the a good nose for the market.

How did you decide on DT Swiss over other employers?
Certainly in the working environment, the rapid changes such as the ongoing professionalisation and the growth. DT Swiss is constantly reassessing itself in order to improve itself and to dynamically follow the market.

How would you assess the opportunity for development at DT Swiss?
In my position, the opportunities for development are that I work on more exciting and more challenging projects with “good” work and am thus able to develop personally and professionally. At present, there are no opportunities for advancement per se. However, I am very happy with my current job, which is why I don’t want to “advance”. In other divisions at DT Swiss, though, there are great opportunities for advancement as I could easily see from a wide range of examples.

What do you think about the working atmosphere at DT Swiss?
Since almost all of the employees are sports enthusiasts, and many are also bike enthusiasts, there is a common bond which results in a very pleasant and cooperative working environment. I am also in contact with some people in my leisure time, which is certainly an indicator of an excellent work atmosphere.

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