PRC 1100 DICUT® Mon Chasseral

The new Mon Chasseral wheelset: Swiss engineering performance and finest materials, ambitiously transformed into the ultimate mountain wheelset. What is your ambition?

  • MSRP per set US$ from $ 3908
  • Weight per set from 1266 g
  • Brake interface Disc Brake
  • from € 2948
  • from CHF 3276
Product details

Product details

You ride your bike. Not to prove anything to anyone. But for yourself. You feel ambitious - yet relaxed. Confident to reach your goal. It’s all out there: You. Your bike. And the ultimate wheelset to propel you up the mountain top of your personal “Mon Chasseral”: 1266 g of finest Swiss engineering - featuring the latest Ratchet EXP hub and built up with a special carbon layering technology, hand-made in Europe - this wheelset provides you with a unique appearance and riding experience.

  • Hub type 180 with Ratchet EXP 36
  • Rim Carbon, Hooked / Crotchet tubeless TC
  • Rim height 24 mm
  • Spokes DT aero comp® t-head, DT aerolite® t-head


We cannot get enough of our local mountain – nor can we get enough of our Mon Chasseral wheelset collection. Thus, the story of the Mon Chasseral line-up continues with the high-quality PRC 1100 DICUT 24 Mon Chasseral - our lightest carbon clincher disc brake climbing wheelset.



We believe in the art of engineering and strive for sophistication in the product development process. Our guiding idea is to constantly push barriers with our inhouse developed technologies.

SINC Ceramic


Ratchet exp

engagement angle

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Rim Height

24 mm

Rim Diameter

29" / 700C

Axle system

12 mm Thru Axle

Built-in dimension

142 mm

Cassette interface

Shimano ROAD (mounted) SRAM XDR Road freehub body kit (included in accessories) Additional freehub kit
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General Rim Hub
  • Hub type
  • Axle system
  • Built-in dimension
  • Brake Interface
  • Cassette interface
  • Freehub body
  • Freehub system
Spokes & Nipples
  • Spokes left
  • Spokes right
  • Spoke pattern
  • Nipples
  • Inclusive
Zoom image
Rear Wheel

PRC 1100 DICUT Mon Chasseral db 24 12/142 mm Shimano

General Rim Hub Spokes & Nipples
  • Spokes left DT aerolite® t-head
  • Spokes right DT aero comp® t-head
  • Spoke pattern Two-cross (1:1)
  • Nipples DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum
  • Inclusive Tubeless tape 21 mm
    TL valve alu black 18-25 mm
    SRAM XDR Road freehub body kit
    5 mm endcap Kit
    Wheel bag
Zoom image
Front Wheel

PRC 1100 DICUT Mon Chasseral db 24 12/100 mm

  • Spokes left DT aero comp® t-head
  • Spokes right DT aerolite® t-head
  • Spoke pattern Two-cross (1:1)
  • Nipples DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum
  • Inclusive Tubeless tape 21 mm
    TL valve alu black 18-25 mm
    5 mm endcap Kit
    Wheel bag
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history of mon chasseral wheels


Chih-Hao we
Team Bryton Icefield

«A lightweight wheelset is the first choice for climbing. The moment I rode on PRC 1100 DICUT MON CHASSERAL I knew it was the one. Incredibly lightweight without sacrificing stiffness, the hub offers quick engagement and you can feel the direct transfer when accelerating. The wider rim inner width provides better control and increases the stability; it won’t make you feel the instability that lightweight wheels usually cause when declining or cornering. With the tubeless setup that offers the comfort and low rolling resistance that help me set my personal best, it’s certainly my first choice for climbing races.»

by matthew loveridge

«[…] the Mon Chasserals are beautifully made wheels that perform brilliantly and will knock a small chunk of weight off all but the lightest bikes […].»

«Hand-made in Europe, the carbon clincher disc wheelset focuses on weight, coming in at just 1,266 g. The 24 mm-deep carbon rims have an ‘out of mold’ finish, meaning the carbon has no extra finish applied to it. The lack of finish displays the carbon layering technology used by DT Swiss and, according to the company, reduces the rim weight. The stiff rims are tubeless-ready and are 18mm wide internally. DT Swiss recommends running them with 25 mm tires.»