Occupation: Head of Administrative Operations
Education: Swiss Federal Diploma Business Economist
Employed at DT Swiss since: 09. August 2004
Working place: DT Swiss AG Switzerland, Biel

What do you like about your work?
When I get to work in the morning I rarely know what to expect. My responsibilities are really varied so I don’t really have a routine. I’m always faced with new challenges that I have to overcome. But that makes it interesting, it’s never boring.

Why DT Swiss?
Honestly, I ended up at DT Swiss by chance. When I finished my studies I wanted to get into the world of work as quickly as possible and it was DT Swiss who gave me my first job offer. If you would have told me then that I’d still be here 13 years later I would have shaken my head in disbelief...

How did you decide on DT Swiss over other employers?
DT Swiss is really modern and is always striving to develop further. Standards are often up-to-date and really modern. Even when it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the pace, it’s still fun. We produce high-quality products that almost anyone can identify with. The great work climate tops off the whole picture; you enjoy going to work in the morning.

How would you describe DT Swiss in three words?
Challenging, dynamic, young/sporty

How would you assess the opportunity for development at DT Swiss?
Really good. If you want to grow, DT Swiss is definitely the place for you. There is a huge interest in good and motivated employees. If you have these traits, you have the chance to be able to develop. I can confirm this from personal experience. Straight after my training to become a business woman, I started at DT as Assistant Sales Administration. After just a short time I was in charge of the team and could help with interesting projects such as the introduction of the SAP system. Even further training is supported. I was allowed to complete my studies as a business economist and could solidify what I had learnt while working as an assistant to the CFO. After completing my further training I was able to take on my current position. Among other things, I’m now responsible for sales administration and sales support.

What do you think about the working atmosphere at DT Swiss?
The atmosphere is friendly and casual but with the necessary respect and concentration. Discussions can get quite heated but we still go for bike rides and runs at lunch and in the evenings. There is a high sense of team spirit, it’s fun to work with such colleagues.

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