Occupation: Manager Engineering Rims

Technical Designer, Swiss Fed. Vocational Baccalaureate, Mechanical Engineering at Bern University

Employed at DT Swiss since: 17. November 2008
Working plance: DT Swiss AG Switzerland, Biel

What do you like about your work?
Biking is my passion and I was always really interested in bike technology. The opportunity to bring together my passion and work and be an important part of innovative products is huge motivation for me. There’s almost nothing better than holding initial prototypes that you have just developed in your hands for the first time and building a bike out of it, then being able to test it on the trails yourself. It’s even more motivating when the press and professional riders praise the products and you realise that DT Swiss products are used for many high-end bikes.

Why DT Swiss?
For me, it was already clear during my studies that I wanted to work in the biking sector. To me, DT Swiss stood for quality bikes and components and that along with the geographical convenience made applying a no-brainer. I have now been working here for over 8 years and there has never been a dull moment. At DT Swiss, you have the chance to take on responsibility and truly influence products from the idea right up to mass production. There’s even a good “work-ride-balance” and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, there are lots of bike freaks with whom you can talk shop and go on rides.

How would you describe DT Swiss in three words?
Sporty, dynamic and friendly.

How did you decide on DT Swiss over other employers?
The sporting equipment sector, and particularly the bike industry, is extremely fast-paced. It requires much flexibility but this all makes the work even more exciting, diverse, and challenging. As an engineer, you are also included and responsible for the entire product process, from the idea phase to development, testing and mass production.

How would you assess the opportunity for development at DT Swiss?
Everyone who shows interest, demonstrates initiative and can prove the necessary specialist skills, has lots of opportunities to take on responsibility at DT Swiss.

What do you think about the working atmosphere at DT Swiss?
The working atmosphere is very dynamic; hardly a week goes by when there isn’t a new assignment that upsets the entire planning. This can sometimes be annoying, but it’s also really exciting and challenging. Within the company there is a real sense teamwork and sports activities (cross-departmental) promote team spirit.

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