Design competition “Ready To paint”

Dear participants of the design competition ‘Ready to paint’!

Thank you all for having taken part in this contest and sharing your ideas with us on the topic of cycling and what cycling and the bicycle means to you. We highly appreciate the time and effort you have undertaken while drafting your designs and answering the posed questions on the subject. 



The jury for this competition consisted of the following members:
•    Christian Harbeke, product designer, mechanical engineer and co-founder of NOSE Design 
•    Tim Florian Reusch, architect, interieur designer at VITRA 
•    Gerard Vroomen, mechanical engineer, co-founder of Cervélo, co-founder and owner of OPEN Cycle
•    Andy Kessler, co-founder and owner of OPEN Cycle 
•    Marco Capteina, Designer, Head of Design at DT Swiss



In total 79 participants took part in the competition. All documents of all participants were uploaded to the online voting tool PollUnit ( This comprised the design drafts as well as the answers to the questions provided by the participants. (Document “About”). 

This first voting took place individually and anonymously by each jury member, using a 5-star rating system: The more stars, the better the rating of the drafts (basic motif, wheel, chair, frame, jersey) and copy (answering of questions) handed in. The jury members could not see the ratings granted to a certain draft or copy by other members of the jury. Based on the voting, an average was calculated by the online tool, resulting in an overall ranking for each entry by an individual participant.

Based on this ranking, a compilation of the top 30 ranked entries was sent to the jury members for further consideration.
The jury met on September 30th via Skype, discussing and defining the final ranking and the winners of places one to three. 
Most important evaluation criteria:

  • Degree to which the questions posed related to the topics of cycling and the bicycle had been answered; if at all
  • Degree to which the answers provided ( the description of the motive, other questions posed as an integral part of the design competition) have been consistently and successfully transferred into a visual draft (the basic motif) / Degree to which the basic motive handed in had been related to the topic of cycling and the bicycle in the broadest sense 
  • Originality of the basic motif 
  • Degree to which the basic motif has been successfully transferred and adapted to the different objects, considering basic design principles  Degree to which the design and visual interaction of the different objects frame-jersey-wheel had been considered and the design applied accordingly


  • Place 1: Emilien Bouxelle, 2: Rachel Hoffman, 3: James Arnold, 4: Alexander Plesovskich
  • Places 5-10: Denis Beljan, Madeleine Kinnast, Antoine Devictor, Jens Hoeft, Sascha Schuhmacher, Madeleine Maros (no specific ranking within the places 5-10)
  • Places 11-20: Julien Gilliam, Jaco Vanheerden, Alberto Sticco, Abedelrahman Hamdy, Alex Kluge, Birgit Jansen, Francisco Martins, Jiri Obdrzalek, Klara Kapprell, Valerie Feldhaus (no specific ranking within the places 11-20)
  • The winners of the places 1- 20 will receive a copy of the finished coffee table booklet, once it is produced and published( ca. January 2022, at the latest)


  • The top 20 entries will be published during the coming weeks and months on the Instagram channel of DT Swiss and OPEN Cycle 

Thanks again for your time and effort of taking part in this design competition.