Crash Replacement

DT Swiss Carbon wheels are high-end products, which meet the extraordinary requirements of performance orientated cycling. Nevertheless there are situations even our wheels can not handle: A high-speed crash with expensive aero-wheels, or a heavy bounce on the rocks with our superlight MTB wheels. The DT Swiss Crash Replacement is developed for exactly those cases. Register this very day to profit from a beneficial repair and be able to step into the pedals soon again!

DT Swiss offers a crash replacement in addition to the legal warranty.

This service can be engaged in case of a broken wheel, which can't be used anymore due to a self-inflicted accident or crash. DT Swiss offers a special discount of 50% on the official MSRP for an equal or comparable replacement wheel.

  • The offer is valid once only for the original owner two years from the date of purchase and only with a registration on the DT Swiss website.
  • The carbon wheel has to be sent to your dealer or to the DT Swiss Service Center or respective distributor. A sales receipt and the damage report need to be added. The tire, cassette and brake disc have to be removed before returning.
  • The damaged wheel will be replaced with a new wheel of the same model. And DT Swiss reserve the rights to replace the damaged wheel with an equal alternative-wheel.
  • The damage has to affect the functionality of the wheel. (optical damage is excluded).
  • There is no claim, as DT Swiss assumes ownership of the broken wheel.
  • Costs for conversion, freight and duty are not incurred by DT Swiss.
  • The Crash Replacement does not replace the warranty issues of the respective country.
  • Damage caused by incorrect assembly.
  • Damage caused by incorrect repair, respectively by use of non-original DT Swiss spare parts.
  • Wrong intended use, for example Cross Country wheels in Downhill bikes.
  • Use of wrong braking pads (see DT Swiss guideline).
  • Normal abrasion and waste (for example through braking).
  • Products purchased on online platforms like Ebay.
  • Products on which the serial number has been removed.
  • Damage caused by transport.
  • Damages which we assume have been caused intentionally.
  • Products which have been purchased throughout a sponsoring activity.
  • The RRC 2.0 DISC DICUT is excluded from the crash replacement.

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