Hybrid Road


Cycling with drop bars and support – that’s HYBRID Road.
Cycling should be fun, that’s the most important thing, and the extra drive of an electric motor makes cycling on tarmac and gravel roads accessible and enjoyable for more people.
Powerful eRoad motors and the higher total weight of eRoadbikes put more stress on cycling components.
The meticulous development of HYBRID Road wheels prevents premature wear and maximizes the fun of the ride.

Reinforced hub

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HYBRID hubs have to withstand high forces, so they are strengthened in a number of areas.

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  1. Increased wall thickness of the hub body.
  2. Steel rotors instead of aluminum to attach the sprockets.
  3. Larger hub flange to mount stronger HYBRID spokes.
  4. Robust 24T ratchets for reliable drive.

spoke set-up

Reinforced spokes for more load capacity, stability and stiffness with optimized strength to weight

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  • Aerodynamically optimized HYBRID Road spokes made of high-end steel  alloy. Improved tensile strength due to reinforced spokes.
  • A more stable spoke pattern with the addition of more spokes and a threefold crossing design (rear wheel).


Aerodynamically developed rims increase efficiency and therefore range – whether from your legs or from the battery.

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Endurance rim with an inner width of 19/20 mm for speed and comfort.

Gravel rim with an inner width of 24 mm for traction and comfort.

Test results

Test results

To cope with the demands placed on them, Hybrid Road wheels have been carefully developed and optimized, focusing on drive and lateral stiffness as well as system weight.

Drive stiffness

Torque transmission to the hub rotor is used to measure any torsion in the wheel. With their reinforced hub body, steel rotors and HYBRID spoke pattern, HYBRID wheels offer are up to 39 percent more drive stiffness. This means the power transmitted to the pedals and the additional motor support are converted directly into forward momentum. 

Lateral stiffness

The clamped wheel is being tested for lateral stiffness by applying pressure to the rim. The higher the lateral stiffness, the less the wheel warps laterally. The rider experiences more precise handling because of greater stability and better tracking. HYBRID Road wheels deliver up to 12 percent more lateral stiffness.

System weight

System weight is made up of the rider's own weight plus the higher weight of the e-bike and additional bikepacking bags. The reinforced components combined with the threefold crossing spoke design support up to 8 percent more system weight, so they can withstand the higher loads of HYBRID wheels and bicycles.

… where do you ride your roadbike?


HYBRID Endurance – ride together

Riding together on tarmac roads – that’s the goal.
It is secondary whether the watts come from you or the motor: the main thing is to reach the pass at the same time or finish a long day trip together.
HYBRID Endurance wheels combine stable HYBRID components with powerful e-wheel drive. Riders can count on typical road bike characteristics like aerodynamics, comfort and handling.
The result: more joy when pedaling together.

hybrid endurance

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  • MSRP por set € A partir de € 2008
  • Weight per set A partir de 1739 g
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  • MSRP por set € A partir de € 409
  • Weight per set A partir de 1980 g
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HYBRID Gravel – ride far

Are you tempted to ride out into the big wide world? Regardless of terrain, you can extend your bikepacking trip or day tour with eGravel bikes. Thanks to the additional support of the motor you can reach your daily goal and enjoy the adventure.
With their robust HYBRID components and wide tires, HYBRID Gravel wheels are reliable and comfortable on gravel, forest and meadow paths.

To achieve different riding characteristics, HYBRID Gravel wheels are available in two wheel sizes:
•    ADVENTURE SET-UP: Maximum comfort with a smaller wheel size and extra wide knobby tires (<53mm / < 2.1") - ideal for bike packing adventures.

•    RACING SET-UP: Best aerodynamics are realized with a larger wheel size and "classic" gravel tires (35-40 mm / 1.35"-1.6") – ideal for racing enthusiasts.

HYBRID Gravel is waiting – are you ready?

hybrid gravel

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  • MSRP por set € A partir de € 2008
  • Weight per set A partir de 1696 g
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  • MSRP por set € A partir de € 409
  • Weight per set A partir de 1967 g
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