Design competition
Ready To Paint 2020


The uncompromising and at the same time successful pursuit of the design principle "Form follows function" connects the three very different companies Vitra, OPEN Cycle and DT Swiss. Whether chairs (Vitra), bicycle frames (OPEN Cycle) or, as in the case of DT Swiss, wheels: all three companies have in common the creation of timeless, high-quality, functional and thus sustainable industrial design in the form of everyday objects with an aesthetic added value.  As part of the design competition "READY TO PAINT", the bicycle is to be honoured as the archetype of an ingenious, because timeless and at the same time highly functional industrial design, and equally as a “work of art” in the truest sense of the word. 



As much as the basic function of the bicycle may have remained largely unchanged over the decades, its intended use- and in this context both the form and the components used, such as handlebars, wheels or the frame- have become increasingly specialized and differentiated. This is even more true in the current age of personalization and customizing of everyday objects: The bicycle, and here again especially the bicycle frame, has become an constantly more popular object of projection for customer wishes regarding an as individualised and artistic design as possible. OPEN Cycles therefore not only offers bicycle frames in various colours, but also enables customers to design their own frames or have them designed by artists; "READY TO PAINT".



It is in this context, that OPEN Cycle and DT Swiss, in cooperation with Vitra, are offering an open design competition. The competition is primarily aimed at artists, designers and students of art, design and visual communication and invites them to submit drafts for such a "customized" design. The choice of motif is hereby entirely up to the part taking participant. It is expected, however, that the participants have a somehow personal connection to the motif submitted and are able to verbalize it - especially with regard to the topic of "bicycle" and/or “cycling(culture)”.The basic motif is to be adapted by the participants to a bicycle frame, bicycle wheel set, bicycle jersey and a chair. The corresponding data files (design templates), along with the more detailed general conditions and further documents for the participation in the design competition can be downloaded below.

The winning motif of the competition will be used as the surface design of a limited edition of OPEN bicycle frames as well as DT Swiss wheelsets, BBUC racing bike jerseys and Vitra chairs. The 20 best submissions  will be presented at the opening as well as  possible other exhibitions, and will be published in a coffee table booklet together with a portrait of the respective artist. The expenses for the creation and publication of the booklet will be covered by the organizers and is completely free of charge for the participants of the competition. No fees are charged for participating in the competition. Vitra, as a sponsor of culture and the arts and equally manufacturer of high-quality industrial design objects, will provide the appropriate setting for the award ceremony and opening exhibition, with the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, providing the appropriate premises. 



The jury includes designers from the participating companies and art experts from the public art sector, among others.



Awarding of prizes: Winner of the first place: Fully build up OPEN bicycle, painted in the winning design, worth about 7000€. Second place: High-quality DT Swiss wheelset in the winning design. Third place: High quality racing bike jersey from BBUC in the winning design. The authors of the three best submissions will be invited to the award ceremony at the opening exhibition at the end of September 2020. The costs for accommodation and travel will be covered by the organizers. The winners of places 1- 20 will be portrayed in a Coffee Table Booklet "Ready to Paint" and will each receive a copy of the booklet. 



Closing date for the competition is 12 July 2020, 24H00, CEST.



Please find below the documents for download, available in English and German, with detailed instructions on how to participate in the contest as well as the templates.
Please note: The number of files that need to be submitted to successfully take part in the competition are 7 in total:

•    Contract of participation, filled out and signed
•    Document “About”, filled out  
•    Basic motif
•    Basic motif adapted to bicycle frame (different templates for different frame models are provided; ONLY ONE has to be submitted)
•    Basic motif adapted to bicycle wheel (different templates for different wheels are provided; ONLY ONE has to be  submitted)
•    Basic motif adapted to Vitra chair (template provided)
•    Basic motif adapted to BBUC bicycle jersey (template provided)



Please find detailed instructions regarding the competition in the documents below. If you do have any questions regarding the competition, please contact: Johannes Lehmann, DT Swiss: We are looking forward to your participation and wish you much success.


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