HX 1501 SPLINE® ONE 35

Plus size tires are a dilemma: All of a sudden you find yourself riding sections where you previously dismounted, and you're doing so at a good pace. That's a lot of fun. On the other side it makes it pretty tough on your bike and especially the wheels. The fact that everyone wants a lightweight wheelset doesn't make our job any easier. With the HX 1501 SPLINE ONE 35 we have succeeded to deliver aluminum wheels able to bridge the gap. Created with all of DT Swiss' know how and passion, it is light and reliable but loves to smash into the rough like no other.

Weight per set
2088 g
MSRP per set
From $ 1473.00

  • Material Aluminum
  • Rim diameter 584 mm (27.5" / 650B)
  • Inner width 35 mm
  • Outer width 40 mm
  • Rim type Clincher
  • Decal type Waterslide
  • Hub type 240
  • Spokes DT hybrid 2
  • Nipples DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
  • Brake interface Disc IS (6-bolt)
  • recommended system weight max. 150 kg
  • ASTM classification 3
Axle system 15 mm Thru axle 12 mm Thru axle
Built-in dimension 110 mm 148 mm
Net weight 957 g 1131 g
Freehub body - Shimano Steel (SS)
Freehub system - Ratchet System 24
Inclusive TL tape 37 mm
TL valve MTB 32 mm
TL tape 37 mm
TL valve MTB 32 mm
Sram XD freehub body kit


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