OPM O.D.L 100

The OPM O.D.L. 100, choice of Cross Country racers for the toughest races and the fastest lap times. Athletic, ultra-light magnesium lowers and the high performance O.D.L damping system bring the weight down to a World Cup-ready 1540 g.

From $ 970.00

  • Travel [H] 100 mm
  • Axle system 15 mm Thru axle
  • Built-in dimension 100 mm
  • Brake caliper mounting type[F] PM 6"
  • Steerer material Aluminum
  • Fork slider material One piece magnesium
  • Color Black
  • Spring technology NCS APT
  • Damping technology ODL
  • Stanchion diameter 32 mm
  • Steerer diameter [G] Tapered 1.5 - 1 ⅛ "
  • Actuation Lever
Rim diameter 584 mm (27.5" / 650B)
Installation length [A] 488 mm
Net weight 1557 g
Offset [B] 41 MM
Tire diameter max. (C) 718 mm
Max.Ø (D) at tire width (E) 698 mm
Max. Tire width (mm) 65 mm
Material number FOPMCBEEHDAS10929S
Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)
Installation length [A] 505 mm
Net weight 1600 g
Offset [B] 45 MM
Tire diameter max. (C) 756 mm
Max.Ø (D) at tire width (E) 733 mm
Max. Tire width (mm) 62 mm
Material number FOPMCBFEHDAS10934S


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