With a diameter of 2 mm at the head and the thread DT New Aero is the ideal spoke for wheels managing high loads or for heavier riders. The centre piece of the spoke is bladed to 3.3 mm during the flat forging process. This process increases the strength of the material and the flat shape generates the aerodynamic characteristics. The high material quality and the perfect manufacturing make this flat spoke a reliable and durable partner for stable road wheels. Weight: 437 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.

  • Product type J-bend
  • Blading BLADED
  • Reduction NONE
  • Thread 2.0 / FG 2.3
  • Length [mm] 215 - 315
  • Height of head [mm] 6.2
  • Diameter 1 [mm] 2.0
  • Width 1 [mm] 1.1
  • Width 2 [mm] 3.2
  • Angle 90 - 95°
  • Gauges N/A
  • E-Bike use NO
  • Color Black / Silver

Technical drawing with measurements

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