FR 560

The FR 560 has made to withstand the nastiest of rock gardens, the roughest of roots and the sketchiest of landings. The prototype proved to be World Championship material and the final product is now available for you to shred as hard as you want. Available as a classic 26”, a 27.5” and as a 29” wagon wheel. The 30 mm inner rim width provides your tires with the support they need to roost through the berms at full speed.

From $ 123.00

  • Material ALUMINIUM
  • Inner width 30 mm
  • Outer width 35 mm
  • Decal type Vinyl
  • Brake interface Disc
  • Number of holes 32
  • Bore type Eyelet
  • recommended system weight max. 140 kg
  • ASTM classification 5
Rim diameter 559 mm (26")
Reference diameter ERD 538 mm
Net weight 570 g
Rim diameter 584 mm (27.5" / 650B)
Reference diameter ERD 563 mm
Net weight 595 g
Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)
Reference diameter ERD 601 mm
Net weight 635 g


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