Trainee Outside Sales 


Bachelor studies in industrial engineering (job-accompanied)

DURATION OF TRAINEESHIP November 2016 - Mai 2017

Area of Activity

I was employed in the Outside Sales department and responsible for the following tasks:
-    Planning and execution of meetings and events
-    Generation of a new international meeting concept
-    Supporting function during the press launch of new products
-    Evaluation and analysis of marketing measures


How did you become aware of the traineeship at DT Swiss?

I saw the advertisement of the traineeship on the DT Swiss website and applied immediately.


What makes DT Swiss different from other employers?

At DT Swiss the skills of the employees are consciously availed of and fostered. Even as an trainee, I was still able to contribute my ideas. If they were deemed feasible and interesting, I was given the chance to independently implement these ideas. And because I felt I was participating, my motivation to work was always high.


Your personal highlight during your traineeship?

There are a couple: The press launch at the new ERC 1100 Dicut Road Wheels, by which I helped with the organisation and during which I was able to ride high-end racing bikes along with various reporters from around the world who were present at the launch. Second the distributor meeting which I was allowed to plan and execute. And also the regular training rides during lunch breaks and after finishing work in the evening.


What were you able to take from your time at DT Swiss?

I became very aware of how important motivated and qualified employees, a pleasant working environment and a functioning communication is for a company. Only when it has these things in place can a company hope to enjoy long-term success. DT Swiss ticks all these boxes.


And what does the time after your traineeship hold in store for you?

I will continue to work for DT Swiss. I have attained a position as a working student in the Product Management department, where I will have the responsibility for a product. And that is a perfect match to my studies because I will go more into depth in the Product Management direction in the future course of my studies. I am very much looking forward to this challenge.