Area of Activity

Trainee Engineering 


Mechanical Engineer (BA)

Duration of traineeship February - Juli 2017

Please describe here in brief what your activities were during your traineeship
Due to the focus of my studies, I was assigned with designing a full-carbon wheel hub housing for the back wheel. This meant that my project formed the basis for products that DT then later produced in series. I was always allowed to independently work on my activities, although there was always someone there I could approach if I had questions of if a problem arose.

How did you become aware of the traineeship at DT Swiss?
As a hobby racing cyclist, I am constantly looking at and learning about the materials that are available and I already knew about DT Swiss as a premium manufacturer. And because I really wanted to complete my traineeship semester in the bicycle branch, I was proactive and send off an unsolicited application.

What makes DT Swiss different from other employers?
The friendly way that the colleagues interact with each other and the communication within the company impressed me in particular. The possibility to turn concepts that I had come up with myself into reality, while enjoying the full support of my superiors was a unique feeling. That is not something that I was used to from other companies. Also the high level of independence that I was allowed and the responsibility that I was assigned with during my traineeship was something that really stuck out for me compared to other companies!

What were you able to take from your time at DT Swiss?
I was able to significantly develop my own skills further. The application of the theory I learned during my studies and the project planning task over the course of the 6 months was certainly challenging. The experiences that I gained during my traineeship will definitely be a big help in the future. And I will of course fondly remember the many training rides with the colleagues!

What was your personal highlight during traineeship?
I can’t name just one single highlight. However, the many meetings with my mentors will stay with me as a positive memory. The way that solutions were found and concepts developed together was always a pleasure!

And what does the time after your traineeship hold in store for you?
I will spend a semester abroad in Canada and will then begin to write my diploma thesis. Afterwards I could definitely imagine remain true to the sport sector.

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