Area of activity Trainee Quality Management
Education Student Mechanical Engineering
Duration of traineeschip July - September 2015

Area of Activity
As a trainee in quality management I performed many different tasks. These included the recording/checking of delivered parts, the production of inspection instructions for continued production, and the checking and analysis of prototypes, to name just a few.

How did you become aware of the traineeship at DT Swiss?
As a keen cyclist, I wanted to know how the bicycle industry works, and I simply asked whether it was currently possible to do a traineeship at DT Swiss.

What makes DT Swiss different from other employers?
You are dealing with capable, motivated people who are behind the products that they themselves develop, produce and even test. What is more, the interaction between people is always relaxed and friendly.

What have you gained from your time at DT Swiss?
As a mechanical engineer, I did not previously have so much to do with the subject of quality, so I have learnt a lot of new things, e.g. an extremely wide variety of methods to process and analyse measurements. In addition, in quality assurance, you deal with every department in the company, which makes the work very varied. All in all, the traineeship was a great experience that helped me make decisions regarding the further focuses of my studies!

Your personal highlight during your traineeship?
I thought it was great to be able to follow the development of new products and even to take part in it. Apart from that, I like the relaxed working atmosphere, which exists at the same time as an efficient way of working. 

What is next for you after your traineeship?
I am returning to Germany to complete my studies there.


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