Carbon disc wheel
RRC 2.0 Disc DICUT T
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RRC 2.0 Disc DICUT® T

Disc Carbon road race wheel

The new DT Swiss disc wheel combines the unsurpassed hub technology from DT Swiss with the extraordinary carbon know-how of Lightweight to create an incredibly light and reliable tool to cut through the wind. Paired to a deep profile front wheel such as the RRC 65 DICUT® T the RRC Disc DICUT® is the choice of the IAM team riders as well as top triathletes such as Gabriel Hopf when fighting against the clock.

Weight per set: 780 g

MSRP per set: $ 3,332

Functions Road Wheels

  • Carbon
    Being a high-tech composite material consisting of fibres and resin, carbon can be used to resist the exact forces it is subjected to. This enables engineers to design parts with an unmatched strength to weight ratio.
  • Dicut<sup>®</sup>
    We combined our legendary Ratchet System hub design with Swiss technology to create a wheel lineup with improved heat dissipation, increased stiffness and the dependability of DT Swiss performance. DICUT® wheels are perfect for riders looking for a distinct speed advantage. Available in carbon clinchers, carbon tubulars, full carbon disc, hybrid and aluminum offerings.
  • No tool
    No special tools needed for routine maintenance.
  • Ratchet system<sup>®</sup>
    This patented freewheel system uses precision ratchets, featuring extremely high load capacity and reliability. The no tool concept allows for an easy execution of routine maintenance.
  • RWS
    Patented wheelmounting system. Stiffer, safer and more user friendly than conventional quick releases. 100 % disc brake compatible.
  • Tubular
    Tubular tires are every road and XC racers dream. They are glued onto the specifically shaped rim using a contact glue. While being super light, they offer a lot of grip and very little rolling resistance.

Performance Chart

RRC 2.0 Disc DICUT T
RRC 2.0 Disc DICUT T
  • Model
  • Hub axle system
  • Weight [g]
  • Tire type
  • Rim dimension [mm]
  • Inner width [mm]
  • Outer width [mm]
  • Valve hole
  • Rim material
  • Rim color
  • Free wheel
  • Free Wheel Body
  • Disc Mount
  • Spokes
  • Nipples
  • Lacing
  • Recommended system weight max.
  • Tire dimension /
    Tire pressure
  • Included
  • Specials
  • RRC 2.0 Disc DICUT® T
  • 5/130 mm RWS/QR
  • 780
  • Tubular
  • 633 x 20
  • 20
  • 20
  • Presta / SV Ø 6.5 mm
  • Carbon
  • UD Carbon
  • DT Swiss Ratchet System 18 T
  • Shimano 11 Road
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 120 kg
  • see PDF
  • 5mm RWS, Wheel bag
  • incl. washer for 10 speed
    Danger of damage from exhaust heat
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DICUT<sup>®</sup> Technology

DICUT® Technology

From the high tech, heat dissipating carbon rims right through to the asymmetric aluminium rims Made in Switzerland, DICUT® wheels epitomize high end. Straight pull spokes and highly refinded hubs are state of the art wheel technology. More