DT pro lock® Technology

A patented liquid injected into the nipple thread allows for extremely durable wheel builds.

DT pro lock® nipples prevent the spoke-nipple connection from loosening. Our patented locking system is based on a special pre-applied dual compound adhesive, which coats the nipple threads. As soon as the nipples are twisted, the dual compound adhesive starts to react and is completely hardened after 6 - 7 hours. If necessary, the wheel can be used immediately after assembling. The wheel can be completely re-trued several times, but the adhesive effect decreases with each re-truing.
The red coloring shows where the adhesive coating is applied.

Internal tests show that the reliability and durability of a wheel built with DT pro lock® nipples is increased up to twenty times compared with the use of standard nipples.

For the optimal adhesion effect tension is required. It is very important, that the minimum spoke tension for a front wheel is approx. 900 N (90 kg) and for a rear wheel approx. 1100 N (110 kg).

DT pro lock® nipples are suitable for either machine-built or hand-built wheels. The use of oil or grease during assembling is not recommended.

All DT Swiss nipples are available with DT pro lock®. See product overview here.