R 414

Mountainbike shock

RACE PROVEN - Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter raced their R 414 shock to the top step of the Podium at the 2016 World Championships and at the Race in Brasil. #Goldstandard.
R 414 is an acronym and stands for fast trail riding. Well, not really, but that's what this shock is all about. It's elegant conical shape integrates a large negative air chamber for super supple action which is further enhanced by a low resistance compression piston. With trademark DT Swiss reliability and lightweight, the R 414 sure will push you to try new lines and crush your KOMs.


Weight: 250 g

MSRP: $ 512

Functions Shocks

  • O.D.L
    O.D.L allows you to adapt your setup to any terrain. Fully open, stiffened or fully locked it offers maximum performance in any riding situation.
  • SAB
    The SAB system simply consists of a strategically placed groove in the air chamber. It greatly improves small bump sensitivity, is super light and very low maintenance.

Performance Chart

  • Model
  • Weight [g] (without hardware, 165 mm)
  • Eye-to-eye x travel [mm]
  • Airchamber, finish
  • Spring system
  • Damping system
  • Adjustments
  • Remote
  • Mounting system
  • Standard hardware sizes
  • Specials
  • Included
  • New
  • R 414
  • 250
  • 165 x 38, 184 x 44, 190 x 50, 200 x 50, 200 x 55, 216 x 63
  • Aluminium black anodized
  • SAB, Liné-Air
  • Superlight, factory tuned hydraulic damping circuit lockout, HS rebound & HS compression factory tuned, LS rebound, Lockout, Drive mode additional LS compression setup
  • Rebound O.D.L (Open - Drive - Lock)
  • No
  • Ball joint, reducers
  • 22.2/25.4 x 6/8
  • High pressure Shock pump
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Liné-Air is an air spring technology featured on DT Swiss air shocks. It is a high performance system designed to create an almost linear spring curve. This results in better sensitivity, better small bump compliance and more support further into the travel. More
O.D.L Technology

O.D.L Technology

O.D.L allows you to adapt your setup to the riding situation. Its three stages, on the fly damping adjustment on the suspension unit itself or from the handlebar remote, turns every mountain biker's dream of the right bike for all situations into reality. More
SAB Technology

SAB Technology

Thanks to Smooth Auto Balancing (SAB), DT Swiss shocks have an extremely precise response. At the same time, SAB is extremely lightweight, simple and efficient. More



Additional to the included accessories, you can buy further equipment for this product, to convert or adapt it according to your needs: