Nicholi Rogatkin

Nicholi Rogatkin started riding BMX at age 5. He grew up with great popularity through his Youtube Channel, where he showed the bike riding world the most ridiculous tricks. In the last couple years Nicholi has exploded in the BMX world with great results, winning the King of Air in Switzerland, the ASA Triples in Miami, and the 2013 BMX Dirt World Championship. So it wasn't a surprise when upon entering the Mountain bike scene, he showed great results. In his debut event, the FMB Gold Colorado Free ride Festival, he finished 6th. Nicholi followed that up by winning O'Marasquino in Spain, an FMB Silver Event, and getting on the podium in Best Trick at Crankworx Whistler.

Nicholi: "As a rider I have always had a great respect for all mountainbikers and the sport, and have seen their events as unreal and insane. It's amazing to be part of it all now, and even more amazing to be with some great sponsors! Doing all of my biggest BMX tricks on MTB feels sick and so natural. Bike riding is like a video game for me and mountain biking is just the next level."

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Nicholi Rogatkin is ready for the Red Bull Rampage in Utah, USA.
Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle - 2nd place
Swatch Rocket Air - 1st place

FMB World Tour - 3th place overall
14. Oktober 2015
Ready for Rampage!
Discovering Utah with Nicholi Rogatkin
Munich, October 13th 2015 – FMB wonder boy, Nicholi Rogatkin has stepped up his game once again in his latest video shoot in Utah. The new clip, filmed by Artbarn previews Nicholi’s preparations for the upcoming infamous Red Bull Rampage in which the American rider will also compete for the 2015 FMB World Championship title. The clip is full of stunning cinematography, some banger tricks and the picturesque landscape of Utah’s desert, so sit back and enjoy:

All season long Nicholi Rogatkin has been touring around the globe, competing in the FMB’s most challenging Diamond Series stops. Now he is less than 300 points away from claiming the 2015 FMB World Tour Championship.

Ahead of his toughest challenge yet, Red Bull Rampage, Nicholi has swapped in his Specialized P-Slope for a Specialized Demo 8. In less than a week, Nicholi will ride the gnarliest line he has ever attempted and will push himself to land tricks which very few have ever conceived are possible on freeride bikes. So he headed out to the Utah desert early to get ready. Artbarn production crew followed him out and captured some of the most stunning shots of this natural world wonder as well as Nicholi’s incredible tricks.

"I love pushing myself as much as possible no matter what bike I'm on and no matter where I am. Mountain biking feels like a video game for me, and this video in Utah felt like a new level of the game. The Utah terrain and riding gives me more of an adrenaline rush than anything else. All the riding is a test. Either you ride something natural and sketchy or you build something that you have no idea will work until you send it. So it makes every run that much more gnarly. It's all about trusting your bike and doing things that you don’t think will be possible and praying for them to work. I’ve had some terrifying experiences in my 14 years of riding bikes, but this really scares the sh*t out of me every time." - comments Nicholi ahead of Red Bull Rampage.

The Artbarn crew had the amazing opportunity to capture this stunning scenery and work with Nicholi on his new edit. But filming in the desert is no walk in the park: "Working with Nicholi is quite a unique experience...he goes from zero to hero with no notice. It blows my mind to think what is to come from him. He posses such a raw set of skills and a big set of balls, the future will be crazy!" - Patrick Henry - Artbarn Producer and Aerial Supervisor

Tune in on Friday, October 16th from 18:30 CEST / 09:30 am PDT on Red Bull TV to watch Nicholi compete against the world’s best freeride mountain bike athletes on the gnarliest terrain at Red Bull Rampage.