RWS Thru bolt rear
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RWS Thru bolt rear

10mm Thru bolt

One of the strongest wheel mounting systems around, the RWS Thru bolt has been proven reliable time and time again. This alloy axle RWS is available in 9mm fronts and 10mm rears. It is the perfect way to strengthen up and solidify an open drop out front fork and wheel combination as well as a standard drop out rear 135mm bike frame.

Weight: 70 g

Functions RWS

  • DT Swiss Thru bolt
    The DT Swiss Thru Bolt system is 100% compatible with standard quick release dropouts. It uses 9 mm front and 10 mm rear alloy axles, making the connection between the wheel and the frame / fork substantially stronger and safer than a standard quick release.
  • RWS
    Patented wheelmounting system. Stiffer, safer and more user friendly than conventional quick releases. 100 % disc brake compatible.

Performance Chart

  • Model
  • Width
  • Diameter axle
  • Weight
  • Axle system
  • Axle material
  • Lever material
  • RWS Thru bolt rear
  • 135 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 70
  • 10 mm DT Swiss Thru bolt
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium
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