350 db RW
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350 db RW

Center Lock rear wheel

This disc brake and thru-axle version completes the range of the proven DT Swiss 350 hubs. As the workhorse of all DT Swiss hubs, the 350 road disc brake offers high reliability, steering precision and last but not least easy wheel swaps.

Weight: 267 g

Functions Hubs Road

  • Center lock<sup>®</sup>
    Brake rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano.
  • No tool
    No special tools needed for routine maintenance.
  • Ratchet system<sup>®</sup>
    This patented freewheel system uses precision ratchets, featuring extremely high load capacity and reliability. The no tool concept allows for an easy execution of routine maintenance.
  • Thru axle RW 12
    The 12mm-system is as stiff as a normal thru axle but at the same time as user friendly and lightweight as a conventional quick release.

Performance Chart

  • Model
  • Weight
  • Axle system
  • Hole count
  • Color
  • Disc Mount
  • Free Wheel Body
  • Included
  • Specials
  • 350 db RW
  • 267
  • 12/142 mm TA
  • 24, 28, 32
  • Black
  • Center Lock®
  • Shimano 11 Road
  • incl. washer for 10 speed
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Additional to the included accessories, you can buy further equipment for this product, to convert or adapt it according to your needs: