240s straightpull FW 20mm
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240s straightpull FW 20mm

Front hub for 20mm Thru axle

The performance of 240s hubs that everyone has come to expect in a straight pull hub shell. The straight pull spoke design in an IS (6-bolt) hub is perfect for the rider looking for the next evolution in DT Swiss Ratchet System® technology. Perfectly matched up with our Competition or Aerolite straightpull spokes, the 240s straightpull in its 20 mm oversize version, builds into a super light and very reliable wheel for your gravity oriented rig.

Weight: 164 g

Functions Hubs MTB

  • IS (6-bolt)
    International rotor mounting standard using 6 bolts.
  • Straightpull
    To achieve an ideal ratio of weight and stability, many DT Swiss wheels have straight pull spokes. Straight pull spokes do not need the bend in the spoke and therefore, they eliminate a weak spot. Despite this, they can be adjusted and replaced using standard tools.
  • Thru axle 20
    A thru axle connection is not compatible with the quick release standard. Thru axles are always an integrated part of the frame or fork. The diameter of the axle is generally 20 or 15 mm at the front and 12 mm at the rear.

Performance Chart

  • Model
  • Weight
  • Axle system
  • Hole count
  • Color
  • Disc Mount
  • Free Wheel Body
  • Included
  • Specials
  • 240s straightpull FW 20mm
  • 164
  • 20/110 mm TA
  • 32
  • Black
  • IS (6-bolt)
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Straightpull Technology

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Straightpull hub Technology

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